She is an inspiration to women everywhere. Mr A asked me the other day what is one thing I like about my mom the most. It was tough to narrow it down but I would say that my mom is a real problem solver. If something comes up she will find suggestions (multiple suggestions) for ways to fix it, solutions, options, etc. I also like her "try anything" attitude. I think that I got my caring, adventurous side from her. So thanks Mom. You are top shelf goods!

Ikaika and I are both sick. Bleh. I feel like such a failure because my child is not even two weeks old and I already got him sick! Last night was brutal. He woke up with makapia (eye boogers) and he was all congested. He didnt eat well so he wouldnt go back to sleep for very long. He spit up/puked all over me and himself. Sigh. Poor little dude.

I think I might have a plugged milk duct or something of that nature because the right side of my boob hurts. I dont think its all that serious because I dont have a fever or anything - but I want to fix it before it gets serious. I had to stop feeding him from one side because I got a crack, so Ive been pumping from that side instead. BFing is such a challenge! Now I understand why people are always asking "hows breastfeeding going?" when they are asking general new baby questions. How/Does it ever get any easier? Why is such a natural process such a giant pain in the okole?! I also have congestion and I didnt sleep hardly at all last night so thats a bummer.

Although I did find out that Conan O'Brian airs again right after Poker After Dark. Bonus.


Big Boy!

Game 5 is on and my soup is ready, so heres some updates that Im not even going to try and make entertaining.

  • This past weekend was the World Series (go go Victorino!) so we packed the family and went up to Granny and Grandpas house in Vancouver where they believe in both cable and HD. The first time we went I packed 2 diapers. TWO diapers. What the hell was I thinking? In my defense, Ive never travelled with a baby before. Mr A, on the other hand, should have known better.
  • Midwife Wendy came over for a check up today. We had to redo the PKU test because the dipshits over at Adventist did it wrong. My uterus is returning to its original state. My babys heart and lungs are healthy despite the fact that hes had a runny nose. And, in bigger news, dude has gained almost an entire pound in the last week! He was 8lbs 13oz today. Super milk machine me!
  • Now the biggest news - today while Wendy and I were cleaning up, Mr A came out in the living room very excited and said that Ikaika had rolled from his stomach to his back. Being that this kid is about 8 days old I was like "yeah right." Mr A had been talking about this roll for awhile and sometimes puts the baby on his side or whatever, so I figured that this was a case of over ambitious fathering. But then I went into the bedroom and sure enough, he did it again! He was on the mattress and my brute of a son rolled himself from his tummy to his back. Mobility! I dont know if Im ready for this so soon! Im not going to be able to leave him unattended! I am, however, going to try and capture this on video so I can post the evidence. Stay tuned...


Ikaikas Birth Story

*Phew!* Push it! Notice midwife chillin' on the couch. Yay Homebirth!

The birth was two very different and quite separate experiences. There was the labor and the delivery. Labor was top-notch and delivery was extraordinarily sucky.

Mr A and I had planned on having a homebirth from the very beginning. The reason I never wrote about it here is because I was protecting my mother from this information since she expressed her concern about my dying in childbirth long before I even conceived. We had midwives, three of which would be at the birth. We had done all our homework and everything was looking good and ready to go.

I went into prelabor on Friday morning. Mr A came home early from work and we set about getting all our stuff ready (tub, herbs, hot packs, Performance, etc.). We ate lunch then played cards outside with our neighbors since it was a nice, sunny Aloha Friday. Around 4 o'clock I started to go into active labor. Deciding that I needed to concentrate, we went inside the house and called Midwife Beth. She came over and I proceeded to labor.

It was great. I lay on the bed for awhile, the three of us took a walk down the block, I took a shower, etc. The contractions were intense, but I felt really capable of relaxing and working with them. Mr A stayed with me the whole time and gave me tons of support. It hurt, but I never felt overwhelmed or like I couldnt do it.

Around 9 o'clock (I dont know the accuracy of a lot of these times since I unplugged the clocks and had no concept of real time anyway) I started feeling "pushy" so MW Beth told me I could get into the tub if I wanted. Gladly. Midwife Alicia came over since it seemed the babys arrival was imminent. Unlike transition, where I was just totally consumed by contractions even when I wasnt having one, pushing was tons of effort during a contraction and then in between we would joke around about something or chat about this & that. I remember saying several times to Mr A as I was leaning limply over the side of the pool, "this is pretty cool, huh?"

After awhile and no baby yet, Beth determined that I had a cervical lip and needed to get out of the tub and stop pushing to give it time to go away. I did, and that sucked (not pushing when you are in the pushing part was labor is shitty times) but the lip went away and I went back into the pool.

Later still, I am pushing and the babys head is visible but just not coming down. They are checking his heart and telling me to change positions. Mr A says he could tell by their faces that something was different. Finally, MW Beth says "the cord is wrapped around the babys neck and when you push his heart rate is dropping. Get out of the tub, put on a robe and shoes we are going to the hospital. No time for anything else, just get on all fours and dont push."

Well, needless to say, that was quite a shocker.

Now, Mr A and I, upon choosing to have a homebirth, had always known and accepted that hospital transfer was a possibility. In fact, thats what the midwives are for - to keep us all safe by making those kinds of decisions. Although, I think we were both stunned that this was happening, considering that both myself and the baby had been so "perfect" and healthy throughout the whole pregnancy.

So, anyhow, we get in the car and head off to Adventist, which is the nearest hospital. When we get there its just chaos. The nurses are, frankly, kind of rude and they are sticking me with IV and blood tests, etc. They strap on the fetal monitor, which from my understanding is the piece of equipment we were seeking by going there. We have to wait for the OB-Gyn.

Its very very difficult to regain my focus. The first push I had on that bed was terrifying. It was so much more painful than in the tub - I thought my body was going to break in half. After that first push I was hysterical and crying and telling Midwife Wendy, "I just cant do it" and "I want to go back home." At some point I suggested they just cut him out of me, but upon more contemplation I realized that a Cesarean is too expensive and changed my mind! Im scared to push because I dont want to hurt the baby and Im scared to push because I dont want to hurt myself! I think I was crying because I came to the realization that I had to push him out whether I wanted to or not.

The doctor was like Panic City and Im not alone in my opinion that the doc and nurses were slightly overreacting to the situation. What a bummer because it just contributed to the continuing chaos. There was a lot of shouting and noise and bright lights and it was just so far from the scene in my living room.

At some point, MW Wendy helped me regain my focus. And in the end, I pushed that baby out on that hospital bed even though I swore that I couldnt/wouldnt do it. And when he was out - it was over and I was just so shocked that I had been able to do it I could hardly believe it was done.

The final report was that the cord was wrapped like one and a half times around his neck and also around his shoulders, turning him into a vaginal yo-yo. The doctor officially said he had shoulder distocia. I think thats BS and Im not alone in that opinion. Like I said, Panic City.

Now, even though your first inclination might be to feel sorry for me in this situation, please refrain. The person who truly needs your sympathies is poor Mr A! I had a job to do. I was hurting, be sure of that, but I was focused on one thing and nothing else. I didnt have a lot of time to process small things that were bothering me. Mr A on the other hand had absolutely nothing to do but stand by and watch everything that was going on. He almost got into it several times with the doctor and nurses over administering interventions. When the baby was coming out he had to look away because he thought the doctor was poking Ikaikas eyes out (she wasnt). He had to just be there the whole time and was quite helpless to the situation. I dont even know if he derived any pleasure from the "dad" things like cord cutting because he was so frazzled. The whole thing was extraordinarily traumatic. He said it was one of the most stressful experiences of his life. Which is too bad because all I remember is how great it was to have him there and that I couldnt have done it without him!

So, what are my thoughts about this birth? Im really glad that I was able to do it. I wanted to have a natural childbirth and I did. I wanted to experience labor and birth and I did that. I wanted to be at my home and I was...for most of the time. The cord thing is something that is totally unpredictable and unpreventable so it was just how things were meant to be. I suppose that if we hadnt had the cord issue then Ickey would have just come flying out of me in that tub. This way, he was born at 1AM on Mr As dads birthday, which is really special for all the Arrayan men. Spirits. Im thankful that our midwives are trustworthy, professional and were capable of making a quick decision in the best interest of both me and our child.

All in all, I would say that it was nothing if not exciting. If you are wondering how I feel about homebirth after an emergency transfer, I can assure you that I would do it again in a heartbeat. Hopefully next time my kid can stay untangled!


Just a Baby? How DARE You!

Whachu talkin' 'bout Willis?

My mom sort of rained on my parade this afternoon when she said that everyone shes shown pictures to (meaning people not directly associated with this family) has said that Ikaika just looks like a baby. Any ole newborn baby.
WHAT?! Have I become one of those people who thinks that my child is so unique?! I feel like all his features are so special! I feel like every picture says something a little different! I feel he has that certain je ne sais quoi and everyone should be able to see it!
For instance, this picture makes him look like he could possibly be my child (as opposed to 100% Mr A DNA)...
This picture is cute because his hands are by his face which is adorable...
I admit that I was a champion of the "all babies look like squashed worms" attitude. But then I gave birth to Ikaika, the most perfect baby to ever exist, and all that went right out the window.

Kapua U'i

Kapua came over on Tuesday and spent some QT with her new little bro. Considering shes only a small tot herself, she was amazingly gentle and really excited to sing to him and help with a bottle, etc. Although she was somewhat apprehensive about actually holding him (this is the only moment it occured). It seems shes going to be an amazing Tita! I hope she teaches him how to be as fearless as she is!

Then Ikaika went down for a nap and Mr A was pleasantly surprised to discover that he and Kapua could still play Kung-Fu Fighting and Ultimate Tackle Football in the living room without disturbing the baby in the nursery! Hopefully he continues to be heavy sleeper as he gets older. Just like his mother.


Getting N*Sync

When I read The Contented Little Baby Book by Gina Ford it all seemed so simple. Get the baby on a routine of being awake during the day and asleep at night by structuring their feeds and sleeps. Easy peasy right?
What I did not anticipate was that keeping a baby awake is near impossible when said kid wants to sleep. Mr A and I even resorted to torturing our precious baby with an ice pack this afternoon! All to no avail, as these words are being written Ikaika and his father are taking a nap together. Sigh...there goes my schedule.
Him being asleep during the day is only one half of the issue though. The other part is feeding. If he cant stay awake and alert with ice down the back of his shirt you can only imagine how difficult it is to keep him awake during breastfeeding. Come 2 o'clock when I want him 20 min on the left and 10 on the right, he just nuzzles right up there and takes a snooze! So cute, yet so frustrating!
Maybe Im just crabby today because I was up last night with a screaming, fussy baby. I am sorry to report that I have learned the hard way - chocolate, red wine, and breastmilk dont mix. My baby had a sore stomach last night and I felt really guilty! But who could blame me? He was supposed to be asleep for 3 hours while I watched Dancing With The Stars and spent quality celebration time with Mr A!

This schedule stuff seemed a whole lot easier in the book...


Third Days a Charm

Today we had a check up. Ikaika is now 7lbs and 15oz - the smallest he will get in this lifetime. Its all uphill from here since the milk came in this morning. Everything else is healthy as well; heart, lungs, etc.

I got a picture with his eyes open DURING THE DAY! No more vampire baby!

Me - the Aftermath

We didnt have any cameras at the hospital but heres a picture that includes me from Saturday night. Ill try to get a more comprehensive "body shot" later. Youre welcome Ruth.


A Few More Pictures of Nothing in Particular

I thought we could use some more pictures on this weblog.

We didnt let the hospital staff touch him any more than absolutely necessary, including bathing him, so when we got home Saturday afternoon he was still kind of a birthy mess. Here it is folks, the very first bath!

Its funny because he doesnt really do anything but I love taking pictures of him! I need to get a good shot with his eyes open, which apparently will have to be taken after midnight :(

Weve had a few visitors so far this weekend (including but not limited to my parents: Oma Jill pictured here) and we really appreciate all the love & support from everyone! Mahalos!


Happy Birthday to You!

8lbs 6oz
Born at 1:00am
October 18, 2008

Birth story to come later when I have gotten sleep and can sit without wincing!


Waiting to Expel

What do people like myself do when we are sitting around waiting to expel a child from our body?

Here is a whimsical burp cloth I made out of an old sheet from my mom (the rest of the sheet was made into flat fold diapers) and some fabric I had lying around. Mr A thinks its too colorful. I would agree, but I meant for it to be that colorful. I meant for it to be too colorful. Really, the white diaper thing is such a snore.

Just FYI - I consider it a burp cloth rather than a diaper because its only 2x4 whereas I typically make diapers 4x8.

This is the pride and joy of my evening. Hand-me-down onesie + fabric paint = baby tattoo! And how cute is this? That petroglyph is exactly the same as the one on daddys arm! How sweet!

Heres a nursing pillow cover that I made awhile ago but dont think I ever got around to posting. I got a pillow form from the craft store (with a coupon, no less) and whipped up a cover to go with it! Its got football helmets - youre welcome husband - and is an extraordinarily soft flannel. Another great feature is that the cover is made with a zipper so it can be removed/washed.


Action in the Birth Canal Tonight

This afternoon I went into the midwives office and MW Alicia "stripped the membranes". For those who are unfamiliar with the lingo - stripping the membranes is when they reach up inside the cervix and run their finger between the cervix and the bag of waters (amniotic sac). I guess its supposed to shake things up and get things going. And if it doesnt, it cant hurt. She mentioned that there would be some bloody show (I know, this is getting grosser by the second) and there is. So thats exciting! Something different and new!

Alicia also commented while she was up there that I was about 2-3cm dilated and 75% effaced. Its progress!

AND, as if that wasnt enough to leave you waiting with baited breath, she said that my bag of waters was "bulging"! Cool! Its like a giant water balloon thats on the verge of bursting(probably because my super strong contracting uterus wont give it a moments rest...). We might be having a messy day at the gym tomorrow!

Then I went to acupuncture and turned that TENS machine up as high as it would go.

If nothing else, there has been noted progress today so I feel much better, thank you. Hopefully we will be having a birthday party in the near future. You are all invited.

Bellies Galore!

The belly shot seems to be a standard for pregnancy documentation.
Cant quite figure out this camera-in-a-mirror business. Isnt it tragic to know that I am formally trained in photography?!
Heres the best I could do. What a belly it is indeed!
We are at 40W + 1 here
The hilarious part is that my boobs look flatter than a pancake and yet, in reality, when you remove the belly factor, they are massive.

This picture isnt even really that great of a shot of the baby but I think the colors are interesting and if I could just figure out how to use the picture editing software on this computer and crop that hand out of the shot - I would like it simply because of the aesthetics. For now, you just need to either use your imagination or cover the hand with your finger.


Working Class Acupuncture

As promised I will write about my acupuncture experience.

Midwife Beth suggested that I try some acupuncture to help encourage the cervical ripening. Mr A and I didnt even attend a single childbirth class because we cant afford it so the thought of something as extravagant as Chinese medicine seemed laughable. Beth directed me to Working Class Acupuncture in NE PDX, which provides acupuncture in a communal setting and on a sliding scale. Right on.

I think things like acupuncture or any kind of eastern/alternative medicine has taken on an air of pretension in our society. Its almost elitist. Even though these treatments can be extremely helpful, if not MORE helpful than what you would find in a hospital, the mentality now is almost like getting a massage or reiki or whatever for an ailment is an extravagance that should compliment western medical treatment, rather than replace it. Which is funny because these treatments come from humble, communal roots. I suppose the only reason they are seem as a medical delicacy is because they are "exotic" rather than "common/normal". One would think that a prescription medication is exotic because so much complexity goes into making it, whereas with an herb all you have to do is grow the darn thing! Alas, no.

Anyhow, I really dig the idea of Chinese medicine being affordable since its unlikely that it will EVER be covered by my insurance. I wish I could find some chiropractic network that uses a similar business model.

On Monday evening, Mr A and I go down to the place and Im filling out some paperwork and Mr A is totally into it - so much so that he wants some acupuncture himself. Hes been struggling with his knees lately (I suspect he will have to get them scoped if and when he ever gets some insurance). He had gotten acupuncture for his wrist in the past and loved it, but he fell victim to the age old conundrum of alternative medicine - you need to do it quite a bit before you see results but who the hell can afford to go that often?! This presents us both with an interesting opportunity and needless to say, I was very thankful to be doing it together so I wouldnt be nervous (Im an acupuncture newbie).

We go into the treatment room and its dim and warm. There is soft music playing and beautiful panels of fabric draped across the ceiling (I think the fabric was from IKEA actually - although it wasnt too busy). There are these big comfy recliners set up in groups of 4-5. Mr A and I sit next to each other and the acupuncturist comes over and gets to work on my honeyboy. When shes done with him, she covers him with a blanket and comes over to me. She asks me some questions about my pregnancy, although I wrote down most of my information in my chart already, and proceeds to puncture me. I got needles on the top of my head and in my third eye, on my hands, in my calves and feet, and in my shoulders. Its amazing that this tiny little hair thin needle, that doesnt even go into your skin very far, sends such a sensation throughout your whole body! It was such a crazy feeling.

We kicked back, closed our eyes and relaxed. We both fell asleep for maybe an hour to and hour and a half. I woke up and was just wide awake. Not groggy or anything. Just totally awake. It was refreshing. Wonderful. I was so energized. But, sadly, I did not go into labor last night.

Today I went back. They say for labor induction you should go three times in a row and then take a rest. So today was round 2. I went in the morning because Tuesday is my afternoon at the gym, walking and such. I was all excited to relax and take a little nap. I just bounced into that treatment room and made a beeline for my comfy chair. Then the dude comes up to me and says "oh no, I want you on a table. Follow me!" WHAT? No nap?! No chair?! What is this?!

I get escorted to a table in a room that is well-lit (albeit with natural sunlight, but still...) and no music playing. He tells me to lay on my side and arrange pillows however I find to be most comfortable. He proceeds to stick about a dozen needles all in my butt cleavage and lower back. He put two needles on either side of my lumbar region and I was feeling those, let me tell you! Yikes. He put a couple in my hand and one in my pinkie toe, top of the head and the third eye.
Im laying there on my side and he says to me "now Im going to hook you up to an electrode" and Im just laughing at this point because I feel like hes trying to jump start my uterus (which probably isnt too far from the truth). That electrode was no joke. My palms were sweating profusely. But it was fairly relaxing, I started to knock out for a spell.

Eventually he came back (30-40 minutes later) and I was done. When he was taking out the needles I got quite a shock from the ones near my spine. He commented that perhaps thats where the hold up is. Like, thats where the blockage for labor might be hiding. Its an encouraging thought!

Then I went to the gym and during a phone conversation with my mom she informed me that all the ladies down at Horizon House (old folks home where mom works) say that stair climbing is better for labor induction than treadmill walking. Who am I to argue with tried and true methods? So I got my ass on the stairmaster.

All the way home in the car Im like contracting and getting pains in my "da kine" (as my husband would say) and Im thinking "oh boy! this is it!". I get home and...NOTHING! Not a damn thing. Just sat there all night and watched The Biggest Loser and felt absolutely nothing else. Arrg. Its like my body is doing everything- EVERYTHING! - everything short of actually going into labor! Its so frustrating that its almost funny!


Come in Johnny...

Sunday afternoon and here we are - still no baby and really not seeming like its much closer than it was a week ago. I swear I have been in prelabor for like 2-3 weeks now! I have strong contractions (that arent exactly regular), crampy sensations, sharp pains on & off, and other feelings of impending baby-birthness, but no actual labor as of yet. I am planning to get some acupuncture in an attempt to encourage this process along. More on that experience tomorrow.

Otherwise, today we went to church and then headed to Sah-hah-lee golf course. Mr A golfed 9 holes with 3 guys from the Salvation Army and I walked along with them (again, trying to cajole baby out of the womb). Now we just finished watching the Seahawks v. Packers game. *whimper*

The other day we rented The Chinese Connection and Rambo: First Blood. I saw the latest Rambo movie (whats it called again? Rambo IV: Bloodfest in Asia?) but I had never seen the original. I was so shocked about Rambo that I had to call my dad half way through the movie just to make sure that I wasnt imagining the substance of the plot. I really liked it! Sylvester Stallone was not only intelligible, his big breakdown speech at the end was actually quite touching! How is it possible that this thoughtful and socially conscientious movie about the plight of returning Vietnam veterans precedes the senseless dribble that is the newest Rambo?!
I was sort of imagining something along the lines of Predator or the new Rambo - a movie that is guns and blood and is entertaining only to the extent that you force yourself not to think too much. One of those movies that is built loosely around a plot that might vaguely connect somehow to a general theme of our world today (genocide in SE Asia) but the plot doesnt come off as well researched or even plausible for the most part.
Oh no, First Blood is an entertaining movie that is worth every second I have spent analyzing it. John Rambo is a model of self-restraint, quiet anguish and ingenuity. I cant believe Ive never seen this movie!
I implore you, my dear friends and family, dont be fooled by the Rambo jokes! Dont be dismissive of Rambo just because hes been parodied on SNL more times than G.W.! Give Johnny Rambo a chance - hes a small yet important piece of American history, an iconic figure of our past, and a good way to kill an hour and a half on a weekend!



Keonis 32nd b-day was on Wednesday. We went to Green Papaya downtown (12th & Morrison) to celebrate at their "Island Night". Funny how "Island Night" meant some fruity drinks on the specials list and about 20 minutes of Island music - then it was just another club until 2am. Also disappointing was the lack of desserts at this Thai/Vietnamese eatery. Lychee with chocolate?! What the f**k? Sigh. I guess you cant have it all.



How did we go about choosing a pediatrician? Its such an important decision because if you and the doc arent on the same page - what a nightmare! Mr A and I are both sort of skeptical when it comes to modern medicine and doctors in general, so finding a doctor that would be sensitive to that while still being able to take care of our child (following OUR guidelines) seems difficult enough.

When I went to my insurance and printed out a list of the pediatricians in my area that were in-network (obviously thats going to be the biggest deciding factor), it was so frustrating! "Where do I even start?" How can you possibly know based on a long list of names who is going to be even sort of compatible with you and your kid? I looked at some of their profiles on websites and such, but most pediatricians make the same bland observations about their philosophy of childcare.

I wish that insurance companies provided a search engine that was more like Eharmony or some other comparable online dating service! Cant I just narrow it down like:

"Married organic couple seeks open minded doctor to care for newborn son. Preventative approaches and naturopathic remedies required. Must be open to possibilities regarding circumcision and vaccination schedules. Condescending attitudes need not reply!"

So the next best thing to shooting fish in a bucket is asking people we know who have the same general medical values we do. And thats just what I did. How crazy that they all pointed us to the exact same clinic! When I called the clinic last week they said that they werent accepting any new patients. TRAGIC! But, since they came so highly recommended by so many different people (and I didnt want to spend the next three weeks having the baby while simultaneously continuing this never-ending search for an acceptable care provider), I was really persistent and eventually I got a call back today that they would be willing to take us on!

I am pleased to introduce you to Ikas new doctor, Lucy Douglass, MD!



I know that in these long last days (weeks), skipping even a few days of posting will lead some to believe we have had the baby already. NOT SO!

He is just not coming out. There is absolutely nothing else I can do to hasten the process. Im walking miles, drinking gallons of my tea & tincture, eating junk, sleeping recklessly, etc. He will come when he is good and ready.

I hope its soon. Like so many other women I have fallen prey to the last minute stretch marks. My mom and Granny both didnt get stretch marks but they both had their kids earlier than this. If I had given birth a week or so ago I could have avoided the same fate. There is really no way of telling how bad/noticeable they will be post-baby, but the mere fact that they exist is frustrating nonetheless. I have been trying to coat my torso daily with aloe vera juice. I heard somewhere that this can help with cell turnover. Only time will tell.

Mr A took my body composition today at the gym. The good news is that Im still clocking in under 160, which was my modified weight goal (and thats after my super indulgent weekend of pumpkin blizzard/ice cream rampage). The bad news is that Im at 32% body fat. At four months preggo I was 22%. Talk about a steep slide! Although Im not that upset about it for two reasons. One: women need higher body fat in order to breast feed. So this just means I will be making more of that spectacular milk for my sweet baby boy. Two: even with the higher body fat percentage I still registered with a body age that is 2 years younger than my chronological age. Of course, as I have said many times before, none of this really matters. The real test is what happens after he is born and Im back to being a normal human being rather than a baby receptacle.

Haha - why am I even writing all of this?! Its so trivial. I should be thinking of something a little more insightful to write about...

Did I mention that I successfully made and froze some meals? I made about 5 meatloaves, a teri-chicken dinner, a lasagna (SO big, too big for 2 people, I should have cut it into smaller pieces before I froze it), chicken taco soup and some marinara sauce. I definitely think that freezing smaller servings (like I froze the sauce into several butter containers instead of one big Tupperware) is the way to go. The hard part is not eating all of it before the actual baby gets here!

Sadly, that wasnt any more insightful.


Something Different!

Alright everyone. Take a deep breath. Calm down. We have found pumpkin in Portland.
This blizzard is awesome. A-W-E-S-O-M-E! It inspired awe from deep within the core of my very being. It was like a pumpkin ice cream milkshake sort of taste with the pie spice. But as an added textural bonus there were chunks of crust mixed throughout. Spectacular!
I guess Mr A picked up on the "desperate for pumpkin" vibe that I was sending out yesterday because he surprised me with one of these babies after work today. Have I mentioned how much I love my husband? What a guy!
I dont know if I can completely let go of my predilection for Burgerville pumpkin smoothies because, lets face it, a fro-yo smoothie is marginally healthier for you and I like to cut corners where I can. I also am making a pumpkin bread but at the time of this posting the loaf has yet to finish in the oven, so I cant comment on its deliciousness.
Went to the midwife today and she said everything is trucking along just fine. Hes lower now than he was last week. Good heartbeat (still 120ish), measured at 40 which I thought was surprising but she didnt seem to think it was that big of a deal. I suggested that maybe she was measuring the pumpkin pie blizzard I consumed shortly before arriving there!
I also would like to point out that I agree with Stephanies comments on my last post. I dont think this kid is going to take these latest indulgences with him on his way out. Which means I should be careful because I might end up being pregnant for another month and then Ika will be a diabetic Oompa-Loompa.
***I will NOT, however, apologize for any judgement I passed about eating fast food. Im not condoning it just because Im doing it right now! Do as I say, not as I do, woman!



Its October. October. The month of the pumpkin.

I have been waiting patiently for Burgerville to figure this out and start offering some g'damn pumpkin fare. When its autumn, I want pumpkin everything. I want my bread, pancakes, milkshakes, soups, EVERYTHING to be pumpkin flavored. Its been autumn for almost two weeks now! Sure, I could just buy a stupid pumpkin and make it myself. But the bliss of being so pregnant in October was supposed to be the convenience of finding the delicious pumpkin flavor everywhere I turned!

If I dont get a pumpkin milkshake by the end of next week...something bad, people. Something really bad.


Talked to midwife Beth yesterday and she suggested that spicy food has been reported to send some people over the edge into laborland. So Mr A and I went out and got some (oh my god Im embarassed even typing this) Kung Pao and Orange Chicken dinner at THE MALL and then we caught a movie and ate some real ice cream (Im unwilling to totally give up on the junk food theory since Im so fond of that idea...)
As of right now the boy is still on the inside, thus disproves that. Anyone else got suggestions?


Labor Union

We made it! Now we are having an October baby for sure. Right on!

Yesterday at the gym I was going on about how it would be cool to go into labor last night and deliver the baby shortly after midnight, that way I get my October baby without having to be pregnant for one second longer than necessary.
Valerie, Mr As client at the gym, said that her mother-in-law took her out for all kinds of junk food, burgers, pie, etc. and she went into labor shortly afterwards. Hey Valerie, I like your thinking!
So on the way home Mr A and I stopped by Burgerville and I got a smoothie and then we went to Papa Murphys and got the thin crust Herb Chicken pizza and I had a Hawaiian Host Caramac for dessert - YUMMY!
I dont know if it was the fact that I got the best of the worst (I mean, I could have gone full force and just gotten a milkshake at BV and a 5 meat stuffed pizza, effectively making my meal a saturated fat bomb) but I did NOT go into labor. Im starting to think that Valerie was just being a saboteur.