Big Boy!

Game 5 is on and my soup is ready, so heres some updates that Im not even going to try and make entertaining.

  • This past weekend was the World Series (go go Victorino!) so we packed the family and went up to Granny and Grandpas house in Vancouver where they believe in both cable and HD. The first time we went I packed 2 diapers. TWO diapers. What the hell was I thinking? In my defense, Ive never travelled with a baby before. Mr A, on the other hand, should have known better.
  • Midwife Wendy came over for a check up today. We had to redo the PKU test because the dipshits over at Adventist did it wrong. My uterus is returning to its original state. My babys heart and lungs are healthy despite the fact that hes had a runny nose. And, in bigger news, dude has gained almost an entire pound in the last week! He was 8lbs 13oz today. Super milk machine me!
  • Now the biggest news - today while Wendy and I were cleaning up, Mr A came out in the living room very excited and said that Ikaika had rolled from his stomach to his back. Being that this kid is about 8 days old I was like "yeah right." Mr A had been talking about this roll for awhile and sometimes puts the baby on his side or whatever, so I figured that this was a case of over ambitious fathering. But then I went into the bedroom and sure enough, he did it again! He was on the mattress and my brute of a son rolled himself from his tummy to his back. Mobility! I dont know if Im ready for this so soon! Im not going to be able to leave him unattended! I am, however, going to try and capture this on video so I can post the evidence. Stay tuned...


  1. Oh my gosh, he's 9 days old already I can't believe it!!

  2. Dude! My godson did EXACTLY the same thing, at around the same age! I don't mean to belittle Ika's obvious total baby genius but apparently it happens fairly often when babies are teeny. Since he's so little, it doesn't take much leg strength to flip over. Once he gets heavy enough to outweigh his leg strength (for my godson it only lasted about a week) he won't be able to roll anymore until whatever the normal age is for that sort of thing. So don't worry, within a few days you'll be able to leave him unattended to your heart's content! :)