Run for the Dry Forest 2013 10K

ran up and down this "hill"
I should probably note that my friend who took second also had time to take all these scenic photographs!
 I like the Run for the Dry Forest at Puʻu Waʻawaʻa (Kona side).  The weather is always nice and the monies go to support preservation of native plants and animals.  Plus the awards are tiles, handmade by the organizer's wife.  So when two of my former coworkers/current friends suggested we run it this year, I was totally game!

At the very last minute, I decided to just suck it up and do the 10K with everyone else.  I was very intimidated because the elevation change is over 1,100 ft and I'm not known for fantastic cardio when it come to uphill hiking.  However, I am super happy that I did it.  The first 3 miles, which were uphill, were awful, but the last three felt crazy fast in comparison.  I paced behind my friend on the right and we made it through together.  Friend on the left took second overall (!!!) so she was obviously nowhere near us.

I took 63 out of 78 overall (so I didn't finish last - hooray!)
and 30th out of 40 women 
I didn't even finish last in my age division (8 out of 12) so, really, what more could I ask for?

My time was 1:29:56 - and you better believe that I was full-out sprinting to get across that finish line before 1:30!  Not bad for my second 10K ever.


5 Year Old Birthday Boy

Five years old now.  In his first year of kindergarten.  Favorite book is an encyclopedia about sharks.  Favorite food is chicken katsu (which we will be having for dinner).  Birthday cake request was carrot cake with cream frosting and blueberries on top.  Told me the other day that he wants to be a writer when he grows up, "but only in Hawaiian". 

How fortunate that Ikaika's birthday this year fell on a no-school Friday!  Over breakfast, we looked at his baby scrapbook and marveled at how much he has grown/still looks the same.  Then we went to the 4-D movie theater and saw "Sea Monsters", which was super cool.  Thanks Aunty Beth.

 After, we enjoyed some mochi ice cream - so delicious on this hot, hot October afternoon!  The guava flavor was...indescribable in its awesomeness.  Thanks Granny.

After, we went to the black sand beach and just enjoyed the cool, clear ocean water.  Thanks God. 

I got a resnap of a picture from 5 years ago.

Our first son.  I just love him SO much.


I Am Forbidden to Publish This

Mr A asked me to NOT publish any of the poetry he writes for me (which he does compose on occasion).  Since I am going through some of my old papers today, I thought I would put a few of my most favorite lines here - you know, for posterity.  Its not the whole poem, so I donʻt think this is really cheating.

"My heart rate doubles with the anticipation
of being in our present combination...
...The Love that I feel,
is most certainly ideal.
with an intimate courage,
of an everlasting marriage."

Isnʻt that sweet?  I mean, seriously...wouldnʻt you have said "real" instead of "ideal", too?  His craftiness blows me away sometimes!  Sure, "intimate courage" sounds wonky, but if you let that one simmer for a minute, it starts to feel darn near profound.

I should make a point to mention here that I used to write my husband poetry often, especially when we were dating.  However, I made the mistake of completely blowing his socks off with the very first one.  I set the bar too high and I have no idea what it is that he likes so much about that particular poem.  Nothing since has been met with a comparable level of enthusiasm and it kind of kills my creative drive.  I do, however, write him letters, which he enjoys.  Far less artsy-fartsy than poetry, but still a nice surprise.    


Grandma Olive's Dress

I know I'm depressed and overwhelmed lately because I've recently become obsessed with my wardrobe.  Project 333 was a draw (quit a month early, but got rid of almost 1/3 of my stuff) and I've since been scouring Ebay and thrift stores to build the perfect collection of clothing...as if such a thing even exists. 
When I start getting focused on material things, especially something as ridiculous as clothing, I know there is something lacking elsewhere in my life.  I probably have spread myself too thin and now I am in a state of anxiety/paralysis realizing that there is no way I can get it all done.  So, instead, I spend hours and hours searching Ebay for items like "maxi skirt" or "puffer vest" in particular colors or patterns, holding onto the belief that these things will not only round out my wardrobe but somehow settle the chaos in my life.  Its silly, actually.

Anyhow, I've been hunting for the perfect long dress or skirt.  The other night I remembered that I still have the dress my grandmother wore to my parents wedding.

Nevermind that I clear her by nearly a foot, check out this dress!  My first thought was to modify it/modernize it somehow since the colors are about right for my closet.  Then, I realized that would just be adding another heap of steaming "gotta do it" on what is already turning into a formidable pile of worry.  Besides, the ruffle at the bottom is gargantuan, which means there is a ton of fabric and the dress itself is quite heavy.

But this material (however polyester it may be) is totally vintage, which I dig.  The original thought was to make purses for the women in my family out...perhaps that will have to be its final destination after all.