Come in Johnny...

Sunday afternoon and here we are - still no baby and really not seeming like its much closer than it was a week ago. I swear I have been in prelabor for like 2-3 weeks now! I have strong contractions (that arent exactly regular), crampy sensations, sharp pains on & off, and other feelings of impending baby-birthness, but no actual labor as of yet. I am planning to get some acupuncture in an attempt to encourage this process along. More on that experience tomorrow.

Otherwise, today we went to church and then headed to Sah-hah-lee golf course. Mr A golfed 9 holes with 3 guys from the Salvation Army and I walked along with them (again, trying to cajole baby out of the womb). Now we just finished watching the Seahawks v. Packers game. *whimper*

The other day we rented The Chinese Connection and Rambo: First Blood. I saw the latest Rambo movie (whats it called again? Rambo IV: Bloodfest in Asia?) but I had never seen the original. I was so shocked about Rambo that I had to call my dad half way through the movie just to make sure that I wasnt imagining the substance of the plot. I really liked it! Sylvester Stallone was not only intelligible, his big breakdown speech at the end was actually quite touching! How is it possible that this thoughtful and socially conscientious movie about the plight of returning Vietnam veterans precedes the senseless dribble that is the newest Rambo?!
I was sort of imagining something along the lines of Predator or the new Rambo - a movie that is guns and blood and is entertaining only to the extent that you force yourself not to think too much. One of those movies that is built loosely around a plot that might vaguely connect somehow to a general theme of our world today (genocide in SE Asia) but the plot doesnt come off as well researched or even plausible for the most part.
Oh no, First Blood is an entertaining movie that is worth every second I have spent analyzing it. John Rambo is a model of self-restraint, quiet anguish and ingenuity. I cant believe Ive never seen this movie!
I implore you, my dear friends and family, dont be fooled by the Rambo jokes! Dont be dismissive of Rambo just because hes been parodied on SNL more times than G.W.! Give Johnny Rambo a chance - hes a small yet important piece of American history, an iconic figure of our past, and a good way to kill an hour and a half on a weekend!

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