Just a Baby? How DARE You!

Whachu talkin' 'bout Willis?

My mom sort of rained on my parade this afternoon when she said that everyone shes shown pictures to (meaning people not directly associated with this family) has said that Ikaika just looks like a baby. Any ole newborn baby.
WHAT?! Have I become one of those people who thinks that my child is so unique?! I feel like all his features are so special! I feel like every picture says something a little different! I feel he has that certain je ne sais quoi and everyone should be able to see it!
For instance, this picture makes him look like he could possibly be my child (as opposed to 100% Mr A DNA)...
This picture is cute because his hands are by his face which is adorable...
I admit that I was a champion of the "all babies look like squashed worms" attitude. But then I gave birth to Ikaika, the most perfect baby to ever exist, and all that went right out the window.


  1. Melodie27.10.08

    I'm seriously not a baby person, but as soon as I saw those pics, I fell in love, like he was one of my little cousins. The kid is cute as hell and is going to be hell of a heartbreaker. ;o)

  2. Yeah, your mom should probably consider getting new friends/neighbors/acquaintances because that kid is GORGEOUS. I think he really looks like you in the first one! In the second one too, but REALLY in the first one. But you know, babies are genetically programmed to look like their daddies in the beginning. Give it time!