How did we go about choosing a pediatrician? Its such an important decision because if you and the doc arent on the same page - what a nightmare! Mr A and I are both sort of skeptical when it comes to modern medicine and doctors in general, so finding a doctor that would be sensitive to that while still being able to take care of our child (following OUR guidelines) seems difficult enough.

When I went to my insurance and printed out a list of the pediatricians in my area that were in-network (obviously thats going to be the biggest deciding factor), it was so frustrating! "Where do I even start?" How can you possibly know based on a long list of names who is going to be even sort of compatible with you and your kid? I looked at some of their profiles on websites and such, but most pediatricians make the same bland observations about their philosophy of childcare.

I wish that insurance companies provided a search engine that was more like Eharmony or some other comparable online dating service! Cant I just narrow it down like:

"Married organic couple seeks open minded doctor to care for newborn son. Preventative approaches and naturopathic remedies required. Must be open to possibilities regarding circumcision and vaccination schedules. Condescending attitudes need not reply!"

So the next best thing to shooting fish in a bucket is asking people we know who have the same general medical values we do. And thats just what I did. How crazy that they all pointed us to the exact same clinic! When I called the clinic last week they said that they werent accepting any new patients. TRAGIC! But, since they came so highly recommended by so many different people (and I didnt want to spend the next three weeks having the baby while simultaneously continuing this never-ending search for an acceptable care provider), I was really persistent and eventually I got a call back today that they would be willing to take us on!

I am pleased to introduce you to Ikas new doctor, Lucy Douglass, MD!

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  1. Melodie10.10.08

    Condescending doctors irk me to no end. It's bad enough that you have to be there, whether it's because you're sick or even just a check-up (who knows what they'll find). So you're mindset isn't optimal. But when that doctor starts talking down to you, oh man, it makes my blood boil. I may not have gone to medical school, but that doesn't mean I'm a moron, thank you very much.