Thoughts About My Due Date

Sorry folks, internet has been on the fritz lately. 

About a week ago I woke up extremely disappointed to still have a baby inside me.  I was feeling weird, thought it might be pre-labor, went to sleep a little sad because I wanted an "August baby".  Woke up bummed out and frustrated because I was still pregnant with no sign of action!

I like the due date they assigned me (August 11th) and I think August 9th would be cool (8/9/10), so I guess that pretty much rules out either of those days as the actual day of birth.  I would be horrified to go into labor on either the 1st or the 2nd since Mr A is supposed to go to Oahu and take the PRAXIS again that Monday.  Murphys law would say that increases the chances of me going into labor Sunday night by at least 80%.  Or I guess I could go into labor in the next two days and not get my August baby.  Anything that isn't me being a week late like I was with Ikaika would be fine with me.  I can't take this for another three weeks!

We all hit a point when we are just "over it".  I'm officially over it.  My mom has made arrangements to come out here mid August, the bassinet is all set up, the hospital bags are packed, and I have enough diapers for at least a couple days - I'm ready.  If I start getting super nesting-y maybe I'll freeze a lasagna or something, but I have no other pressing matters to take care of.

Let's get this baby out - quick and painful!


UFC Baby

Ikaika got a new hair cut the other day and we both think he looks like mini-Chuck Liddell (which is cool because Mr A likes the Iceman's style).  


One of my husband's many talents is martial arts, specifically Kajukenbo - a Hawaiian street-fighting self-defense art.  Mr A is a high ranking belt, was taught by his dad, and he wants to make sure that he passes the information along to at least one of his kids before he kicks off.  Although he emphatically stated that he wouldn't seriously begin training anyone until they were at least 4, he and Kaika occasionally mess around.  Here's a little demo of what they like to do with their free time.


Ikaika's First Pet - the guppies

I think my first pet was also a fish.

It's a real pleasure seeing your kid enjoy something you love, too.

He also seems to be picking up on some of my childhood habits.  This finger has been in his mouth all week.


MOPS Baby Shower!

Yesterday Mother of Preschoolers met at Waimea Park for a baby shower - a day of good friends with cool kids.  And the best part is, the baby we were celebrating was mine! 

When we first moved here I had zero friends.  My friends from college are scattered throughout the country/world and my family isn't in Hawaii either.  Let's just say the first 6 months or so were super lonely.  I spent all day on the phone with my mom, which is pretty much the definition of not having a life! 

That being said, I am so grateful that anyone even cares I'm having this baby, let alone is willing to come out and celebrate it!   

So thank you very much to all the ladies who made this day special.  And extra thanks to Toscha for purposely making the nursery rhyme game too difficult for me - I always appreciate a challenge!


Some Saturday Garage Sale Finds

Few things in life are as satisfying as totally scoring at a yard sale.

Yesterday, despite the fact that I was digging into the seats of the car to find enough change to pay for this stuff (in other words - I had very little cash), I found some real treasures!

First off, check out my awesome crock pot.  It's huge!  It's Mr A meal sized!  I can't wait to make some chili, soup, peanut chicken, whatever...sky's the limit!  Three cheers for low maintenance food!

The real victory yesterday was finding a frame for Ikaika's bed.  I suppose it was safer to have his mattress on the floor in the beginning, but we are now ready to move on to bigger, better things.  He seemed excited about it and he was able to get in and out independently, which is probably the most important feature.    Also, now there is better air circulation so I don't have to worry about the bed being flush with the wall or the floor and getting dank/moldy.


Ronnie and Jessie's Wedding in Hilo

Our friend's Ronnie and Jessie got married in Hilo this weekend.  To put this in context for my family - Ronnie is the guy who blew the conch shell at the beginning of our wedding.

Forget "Here Comes The Bride", Ronnie sang the processional!  It was so sweet.

Here's Jessie with her adorable parents.  I love weddings!  The optimism - it was almost more than I could take!  I was so bummed to be there without Mr A because I know he's sentimental about stuff like this, too.  I needed a hand to squeeze!

This is the view from the wedding at Naniloa Volcanoes Resort - looking into Hilo Bay.  Ridiculous.

The only bummer is that it was about 90 degrees out and blazing sun.  Being mountain dwellers, my son was wearing pants (who is this kid and what is wrong with his mother?)  I would like to give myself a pat on the back for bringing cereal.  Ikaika sat in this exact spot through the entire ceremony!

I love the colors they chose.  The bridesmaids all designed their own dresses so every one was different but they all went together.

The cupcake cake was awesome!  This is exactly what I would have wanted at my own wedding if I had the time and/or resources to pull something like this off!  I didn't actually eat any of it since we left before cake cutting - but I imagine it was every bit as yummy as it looks.

DA GRINDZ WAS MEAN!  Let me put it this way: the dessert spread was just as big as the dinner spread and there was both beer and poke.  YUM YUM!  They were even serving up dinuguan - pork made with pig's blood - which is one of Mr A's favorite foods.  I don't usually care for it but this stuff was so tasty even Ikaika ate an entire plate full!  (I'm a nice wife so I made him a plate before I left)

You can see two things in this picture - 1) the paper lanterns they used to decorate the hall, which were gorgeous and 2) I am not wearing sweatpants!   Yay for putting effort into your appearance!


PANIC! It's Almost August!

Mr A left today for Oahu, where he will be spending the weekend at UH taking tests and classes, etc.  His flight took off only a few hours after I had a doctors appointment and preregistered, you know, just in case I go into labor at any given second.  Now that I'm past 36 weeks, I can deliver the baby here unless there's some crazy emergency (if you go into labor too early, they air-lift you to Oahu via helicopter...no thank you!) 

Staring down the barrel of an incredibly crazy August (and a jam packed rest of the year), I couldn't help but think about how time just never slows down.  The baby, school, moving, visitors, life...  I wonder if it's the circumstances or just the anticipation of all the upcoming events that has me so anxious about the new school year. 

I got home today after dropping my Lovey off at the airport and I just thought...geez, it really sucks that if I don't do the dishes, no one will!  Then I told Ikaika that he could sleep in my bed if he wanted but he just went into his own room and snuggled with Bear instead.  Boohoo!  I wonder if I will be lonelier next year than I was when we first moved here?  I have friends now and support and something that resembles faith, but I worry sometimes about losing myself or my marriage in the midst of all this chaos. 

Next week is our last week of freedom.  Baby shower on Tuesday, free performing arts events at HPA all week, and the beach is constantly calling our names.  I'm going to try slowing down for the entire week and really enjoy my family - like cherish every precious moment kind of stuff.  Then, when August finally rolls around, I can start to panic!


Big Boy Pants and the Homerun Derby

Thanks, Target, for selling your summer stuff at 30% off.
Ikaika tends to get into whatever sports are on TV. A few months ago, we couldn't pry him away from his basketball hoop, a few weeks ago it was "soccer ball!" everything, and right now it's baseball.

He's been improvising and using various household things as a "bat" (bolster pillows, parts of other toys, spoons, etc.) so you can't even imagine his excitement at having the real deal.  We didn't even make it out of the Target parking lot - we set up the tee next to the carts and let him have at it.

I like this bat because it has substantial weight to it, unlike the oversize plastic ones.  But, it's padded and soft enough that he can't cause too much damage.

You may also notice that he's wearing some big boy pants!  I got the smallest size available (2-3) and they are a little large, even on his stouty frame.  We've been doing well enough these last few days that I'm willing to take a limited leap of faith.  Today, he even stopped mid-tantrum because he realized he needed to poop.  Hilarious!


The Continuing Saga of Potty Training

Potty training. Phew!

Many already know that I started my son with EC when he was a few weeks old and have continued it to varying degrees since. When I found out I was pregnant again I had a strong resolve to get the older one out of diapers before the new one arrives.

Here we are, four weeks until D-day, and Ikaika is not exactly close to being "potty trained". What do we consider "potty trained" and how do we know when a kid is "done"? It seems the traditional definition is that a kid is able to communicate clearly when they need to go and hold it if no receptacle is available.

In this sense, my kid isn't even close! But if being potty trained means that we can get through a day without a wet or dirty diaper (or even that we can get through a day without wearing diapers but not have a wet/soiled floor), then I guess we are having some success here! Ikaika is going on his second day of no diaper and I've only had to clean up one accident!

The trick here is that I need to offer him the toilet ALL THE TIME! When we are out and about in town, I have to offer the potty at the library, then again at KTA, then again at the park, and so on. When we are at home, I have to remind him to go and take him to the potty every 30 minutes - more if he drinks liquids. He doesn't quite have the balance or dexterity to pull his pants up and down so it's really up to us (his parents) to get him there and make that potty available. He can take care of the rest!

I would be satisfied even if he weren't fully "potty trained" before the new baby gets here. I'm going to be washing diapers anyway, I just don't want to be washing them every day. I'm fairly sure that I will be continuing EC with the second baby. Maybe it will even be easier since I'm "in the mode" already! Gee, isn't that an exciting thought?!


Nik - this one's for you, Buddy.

Had I known at 20 years old that was the most disposable income I would probably ever have, I would have just splurged on getting a whole mess of tattoos. Now I feel like the process is still incomplete but even if I had the money for new tats, I would probably opt to change the timing belt in the car first. How practical of me.


Frozen Yogurt Smoothie Pack Recipe

I love those Yoplait Smoothie Mix things but they are so darn expensive! And, although the ingredients are good, there are still a few things in there I find questionable.

So, with strawberries being on super sale this week, I set out to make my own smoothie packs. Here's how I did it.

Cut up bananas and strawberries. Freeze on wax paper lined cookie sheet (this helps them not turn into a solid mass of frozen fruit).
**The browner bananas are ones that I had previously frozen into the aforementioned glob and had to thaw out and refreeze.

Make some plain yogurt (or use plain/vanilla yogurt with live cultures) - mix with vanilla extract. Freeze in ice cube trays.

Place about one banana and 6-8 strawberries worth in a quart size plastic freezer bag. Add 6 ice cubes of yogurt.

When the time comes, mix with 8oz of milk or juice and enjoy your creation! Yum yum!

On second thought...you might want to try 2 cups of liquid because our smoothie turned out more like melting ice cream and I was more than a little concerned my blender wouldn't be able to handle it!


4th of July - cruizin in the Zoo Choo

***I want to point out to my family that Ikaika is wearing the shirt we got at Mt Rushmore when we were there for 4th of July last year!***

For Independence Day this year we went down to the free kids fair at Waikoloa Queen's Shops then partook in a customary BBQ with friends.

Balloon Monsoon made "balloon sculptures" for the kiddos. Mr A requested a monkey for the boy, but when I got up to the front of the line I noticed they could sculpt me a Pikachu...so...you know. I don't think Ikaika had any clue what this thing was and he basically ate it - biting it until it was all popped.

Then came time for the Zoo Choo. This is a little train/car thing that I have seen at numerous kids events on the island. Despite the fact that there are seat belts and the boxcars come up to his shoulder, Mr A still believed that this wasn't exactly safe for someone as "small" as our son.

So, because I chose the nerdy balloon animal, I got stuck with being the only adult riding on the Zoo Choo. I saw a couple of our friends while riding through the market (I don't think we would have ran into them otherwise because it was hotter than Hades and we weren't about to be walking all over the place), but I still felt like a soccer mom. Ugh.

Ten minutes later, when it came time to exit the Zoo Choo, he got very upset. He tried to climb back in and finally broke down into a fit of tears. Of course, I wasn't about to forgo my dignity a second time, so we distracted him with the fish pond and made it out of there without further incident.

The BBQ was awesome. We ate until we were in pain and then watched the fireworks in the distance from our friend's porch because we were all too full/hot/lazy/drunk to drive the 5 minutes for a better view.


Martha Stewart Wedding Scrapbook Kit

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but I don't exactly enjoy scrapbooking. I love the results but I think the work is tedious and time consuming.

I've been wanting to do something with our wedding photos since the wedding. So, this year for our anniversary, I got a Martha Stewart easy-enough scrapbook kit. Mr A and I spent some time on it yesterday and I think the results are fantastic!

Then we made a Holy's Bakery Buttered Apple Pie (mmm...) for a celebratory dessert - celebrating the anniversary, not the scrapbook - but Mr A discovered the hard way that broiling a pie is not a good idea. Sure, we ate it anyway, but it took a lot of scraping in order to be edible!