Waiting to Expel

What do people like myself do when we are sitting around waiting to expel a child from our body?

Here is a whimsical burp cloth I made out of an old sheet from my mom (the rest of the sheet was made into flat fold diapers) and some fabric I had lying around. Mr A thinks its too colorful. I would agree, but I meant for it to be that colorful. I meant for it to be too colorful. Really, the white diaper thing is such a snore.

Just FYI - I consider it a burp cloth rather than a diaper because its only 2x4 whereas I typically make diapers 4x8.

This is the pride and joy of my evening. Hand-me-down onesie + fabric paint = baby tattoo! And how cute is this? That petroglyph is exactly the same as the one on daddys arm! How sweet!

Heres a nursing pillow cover that I made awhile ago but dont think I ever got around to posting. I got a pillow form from the craft store (with a coupon, no less) and whipped up a cover to go with it! Its got football helmets - youre welcome husband - and is an extraordinarily soft flannel. Another great feature is that the cover is made with a zipper so it can be removed/washed.

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  1. Anonymous17.10.08

    I love the boppy pillow. You will love it too. When he is big enought to lay down and just hang out and watch what is going on around you this is great.

    And by the way.....we are waiting to hear how things are going. 10/17/08 8:47p.m.

    Love Ya!