A Few More Pictures of Nothing in Particular

I thought we could use some more pictures on this weblog.

We didnt let the hospital staff touch him any more than absolutely necessary, including bathing him, so when we got home Saturday afternoon he was still kind of a birthy mess. Here it is folks, the very first bath!

Its funny because he doesnt really do anything but I love taking pictures of him! I need to get a good shot with his eyes open, which apparently will have to be taken after midnight :(

Weve had a few visitors so far this weekend (including but not limited to my parents: Oma Jill pictured here) and we really appreciate all the love & support from everyone! Mahalos!


  1. he is precious! congrats!!! ~tracy

  2. OK, I know you are "busy" but didn't I request pictures of the baby momma like, over 14 hours ago?!?