To-Do List

This is a "Bucket List" of things that I want to do.  Goal setting is important - it keeps the imagination sharp - and it's even more important to dream big.   I wanted these goals be about me and not about me setting goals for my children (very tempted to write that list, but then I would be living-vicariously-through-her-kids mom and that's no good)   I want to keep adding things as I think of them/as more get checked off. 


1. reverse Oregon Trail road trip
2. finish a marathon
3. go back to Japan during sakura season
4. tour Germany
5. attend Mass at the Vatican
6. write a book
7. get masters degree
8. learn some basic Latin
9. hike the grand canyon
10. see Niagra Falls
11. take a photo walk
12. paddle in a real regatta
13. take the family to Wash DC
14. pay off all debts
15. own a house outright
16. knit an adult sized sweater
17. donate money to Knox for 10 consecutive years
18. visit Knox for Homecoming
19. speak to a large group of strangers (maybe at a convention?)
20. wake up at 6am regularly/become a “morning person”
21. keep a minimal wardrobe/house
22. fill an entire notebook with sketches
23. read Pride & Prejudice
24. read Lord of the Rings trilogy (Fellowship/2Towers/Return)and The Hobbit
25. rewrite my senior thesis
26. learn how to make really good laulau
27. do a complete candida cleanse
28. fast on Sundays for an entire year
29. re-cover my couch
30. finish scrapbook from Japan
31. take each of the boys on a “date”
32. snorkel at night
33. tour the telescope on Mauna Kea
34. hike in Waipio Valley
35. visit 6 main Hawaiian islands
36. have a conversation completely in Hawaiian
37. take a trip with just me and Mr A's daughter(s)
38. complete Confirmation
39. have my children attend CCD
40. green belt in Kajukenbo
41. see the Great Wall of China
42. take boys to Bruce Lee's grave
43. place (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) in age division for a 5K race
44. move all my stuff out of my parents' house
45. attend a reunion
46. take the entire family snowboarding
47. volunteer at Ironman
48. spend a romantic weekend with Mr A
49. brew my own beer
50. go to Oktoberfest
51. pick berries at an all-you-can-pick farm
52. join a CSA
53. get really good at one video game
54. join a protest (hold a sign)
55. go to Cebu, Philipines
56. complete a family tree - 4 generations
57. speak conversational German
58. camp on a beach in Lana'i
59. get a Brazilian bikini wax
60. own a Louis Vuitton bag
61. have a garden that produces edible vegetables
62. have a chicken coup that produces eggs
63. fill up my Passport before it expires
64. design an awesome, spot-on Halloween costume
65. attend ComicCon (also in costume)
66. compete in a beauty pagent/body-building contest
67. submit an entry to a writing contest
68. attend a “couples retreat”
69. drink cafe au lait in Paris
70. take a ballroom dancing class
71. do the splits
72. change the oil by myself
73. make a painting/drawing/picture of Holy Family Church
74. renew vows at church over Waimea Bay
75. experience a real Midwest winter with Mr A
76. visit Grandpa's farm in Wasaukee
77. do The Rocky Horror Picture Show
78. swim with sharks (in a cage!)
79. skydive
80. play poker in a casino
81. ziplining
82. attend an NFL game
83. see lava flow at night
84. fly in a helicopter
85. go on a church mission trip
86. go on a cruise
87. wear my wedding dress again
88. see The Nutcracker ballet
89. go crabbing (“crab fishing”???)
90. summit a mountain – bonus points for Mr Kilamanjaro
91. go on an African safari
92. hear a US president speak in person
93. wear a sari to a wedding
94. have something published in a national publication
95. see a tornado - storm chasing
96. see a legit drumline perform live at halftime
97. take a family picture wearing matching Hawaiian shirts
98. get a picture of all Mr A's kids together
99. half sleeve flower tattoo
100. attend the live taping of a game show or talk show
101. make quilt out of the boys' baby clothes