She is an inspiration to women everywhere. Mr A asked me the other day what is one thing I like about my mom the most. It was tough to narrow it down but I would say that my mom is a real problem solver. If something comes up she will find suggestions (multiple suggestions) for ways to fix it, solutions, options, etc. I also like her "try anything" attitude. I think that I got my caring, adventurous side from her. So thanks Mom. You are top shelf goods!

Ikaika and I are both sick. Bleh. I feel like such a failure because my child is not even two weeks old and I already got him sick! Last night was brutal. He woke up with makapia (eye boogers) and he was all congested. He didnt eat well so he wouldnt go back to sleep for very long. He spit up/puked all over me and himself. Sigh. Poor little dude.

I think I might have a plugged milk duct or something of that nature because the right side of my boob hurts. I dont think its all that serious because I dont have a fever or anything - but I want to fix it before it gets serious. I had to stop feeding him from one side because I got a crack, so Ive been pumping from that side instead. BFing is such a challenge! Now I understand why people are always asking "hows breastfeeding going?" when they are asking general new baby questions. How/Does it ever get any easier? Why is such a natural process such a giant pain in the okole?! I also have congestion and I didnt sleep hardly at all last night so thats a bummer.

Although I did find out that Conan O'Brian airs again right after Poker After Dark. Bonus.


  1. Anonymous29.10.08

    Sorry to hear that you and Ikaika are not feeling very good. Yes, BFing is a huge challenge. Call us Friday if you are feeling better. Love Ya, Camille

  2. Did he get his present from Auntie? That should make him feel better :)
    i forgot to send something to you though haha sorry baby is number 1 priority :) j/k i love you, you came first :) Your mom sent me the cutest thing in the mail, it was a postcard that Beth had wrote out to me, it was cute. any way, I hope you are doing well. Since you can post pictures you should upload those ones from the funeral and send em over.
    Miss you, love you, hope to hear form you soon!
    <3 Amber