Losing the Gremlin Face

A few thoughts...

1) Today I noticed that Koa is losing his "gremlin" newborn look and starting to look like an actual baby.  He is also getting super fat (not one, but two chins now).  Sorry, no pictures - I haven't unpacked my USB cord yet.

2) The shorts that I wear to ref volleyball are starting to feel significantly looser than they were at the beginning of the season!  At first I thought it was because they were all stretched out but then I remembered that I just washed them on Monday.  I'm excited to get my stomach back, even though my belly button will never be the same :(


Reconnected and it feels so good...

The move is almost complete. WE HAVE INTERNET!  (and cable - no more hiking back and forth to watch football!)  On Wednesday, this will all be over and the process of cleaning and sorting this entire house will begin.  Phew!  But I love it - more space and a place for the kids to play outside.

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about finances.  I've also been thinking about food (like recipes, making/buying food, etc).  I obviously haven't been thinking about this blog.  But now that I can update whenever my heart desires, you can expect many more updates.


New Family Pic and Koa 1 month Update!

Mama always told me there would be days like this...

No time to blog lately!  Busy moving (and shaking) and still don't have internet at the new place. 

Koa got his weight and height checked yesterday.  He gained 5lbs in one month!!!  He's 11lbs!  Piggy.  Well, I guess I should have enjoyed the little loaf of bread while I could because it doesn't seem like he's going to stay that way very long.  He's 21inches, which is on the short side - but I'm sure he'll catch up/stretch out.


Koa is one month old!

My baby Kekoa is one month old!  A few days ago he cracked a smile and last night he pouted his lip out, which was adorable.  Of course, the majority of his time is still spent eating, sleeping and pooping, but we are seeing a glimmer of personality starting to come through!   

How about this beautiful picture?  I've got more where that came from (thanks Awesomesauce Studios!)


Quilts for the Boys

As you know, my sister and her BFF were here the other week.  Cortney, like myself, is a crafty lady.  She made these beautiful quilts for the boys and I just can't get over them!  I love them!  It's really fun to get handmade gifts - especially cool ones like these.

I don't know much about quilting, but she says they are made in the same pattern.  Ikaika's has an "I" on it, which is awesome.  Koas is smaller but lightweight and perfect for laying down on the floor (or covering the bassinet, as illustrated above).  I'm just nuts about these quilts and I'm sure we will treasure them forever!  Thanks Cort!


Tea for Two

As I was staging Ikaika's room for our latest addition (Mr A's daughter is moving to Hawaii and living with us until she gets settled into her own routine), I couldn't help but think about how someday - someday soon - this will be the status quo.  Two beds.  Two boys.  Two kids.  Wow.

Seems crowded in a 2 bedroom apartment with 5 people, huh?  Luckily, we just signed the lease on our new place.  A house!  A house with a yard and a carport so I don't have to spend three hours every morning struggling to keep Ikaika quiet!  The best part is that it's a stones throw from where we live now so nothing about our routine changes.  This is incredible considering nothing good usually comes up in town and, when it does, its normally way out of our price range.  We are moving in this weekend (hopefully) and I could not be more excited!


Beth and Cortney - almost pau

My sister's trip is almost finished and I'm so bummed!  Time seems to have absolutely flown by this past week!

We did so much fun stuff.  We went to Volcanoes National Park, we hit three different beaches, we ate Holy's Bakery peach pie, we drove to Hilo, spent time with the boys, watched a terribly cheesy movie, and had a wonderfully insightful discussion about religion over margaritas.  I wish every day was a day well spent with my sister and her best friend.

Many wonderful pictures to follow shortly.


Natural Stress Relief

Yesterday was not the best day ever.  But, through the adversity, we learned a valuable lesson.  If you love where you live, love your family, and generally like your job - the stress of life seems pretty minor.