MOPS Baby Shower!

Yesterday Mother of Preschoolers met at Waimea Park for a baby shower - a day of good friends with cool kids.  And the best part is, the baby we were celebrating was mine! 

When we first moved here I had zero friends.  My friends from college are scattered throughout the country/world and my family isn't in Hawaii either.  Let's just say the first 6 months or so were super lonely.  I spent all day on the phone with my mom, which is pretty much the definition of not having a life! 

That being said, I am so grateful that anyone even cares I'm having this baby, let alone is willing to come out and celebrate it!   

So thank you very much to all the ladies who made this day special.  And extra thanks to Toscha for purposely making the nursery rhyme game too difficult for me - I always appreciate a challenge!

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