Ronnie and Jessie's Wedding in Hilo

Our friend's Ronnie and Jessie got married in Hilo this weekend.  To put this in context for my family - Ronnie is the guy who blew the conch shell at the beginning of our wedding.

Forget "Here Comes The Bride", Ronnie sang the processional!  It was so sweet.

Here's Jessie with her adorable parents.  I love weddings!  The optimism - it was almost more than I could take!  I was so bummed to be there without Mr A because I know he's sentimental about stuff like this, too.  I needed a hand to squeeze!

This is the view from the wedding at Naniloa Volcanoes Resort - looking into Hilo Bay.  Ridiculous.

The only bummer is that it was about 90 degrees out and blazing sun.  Being mountain dwellers, my son was wearing pants (who is this kid and what is wrong with his mother?)  I would like to give myself a pat on the back for bringing cereal.  Ikaika sat in this exact spot through the entire ceremony!

I love the colors they chose.  The bridesmaids all designed their own dresses so every one was different but they all went together.

The cupcake cake was awesome!  This is exactly what I would have wanted at my own wedding if I had the time and/or resources to pull something like this off!  I didn't actually eat any of it since we left before cake cutting - but I imagine it was every bit as yummy as it looks.

DA GRINDZ WAS MEAN!  Let me put it this way: the dessert spread was just as big as the dinner spread and there was both beer and poke.  YUM YUM!  They were even serving up dinuguan - pork made with pig's blood - which is one of Mr A's favorite foods.  I don't usually care for it but this stuff was so tasty even Ikaika ate an entire plate full!  (I'm a nice wife so I made him a plate before I left)

You can see two things in this picture - 1) the paper lanterns they used to decorate the hall, which were gorgeous and 2) I am not wearing sweatpants!   Yay for putting effort into your appearance!

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