Some Saturday Garage Sale Finds

Few things in life are as satisfying as totally scoring at a yard sale.

Yesterday, despite the fact that I was digging into the seats of the car to find enough change to pay for this stuff (in other words - I had very little cash), I found some real treasures!

First off, check out my awesome crock pot.  It's huge!  It's Mr A meal sized!  I can't wait to make some chili, soup, peanut chicken, whatever...sky's the limit!  Three cheers for low maintenance food!

The real victory yesterday was finding a frame for Ikaika's bed.  I suppose it was safer to have his mattress on the floor in the beginning, but we are now ready to move on to bigger, better things.  He seemed excited about it and he was able to get in and out independently, which is probably the most important feature.    Also, now there is better air circulation so I don't have to worry about the bed being flush with the wall or the floor and getting dank/moldy.

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