Frozen Yogurt Smoothie Pack Recipe

I love those Yoplait Smoothie Mix things but they are so darn expensive! And, although the ingredients are good, there are still a few things in there I find questionable.

So, with strawberries being on super sale this week, I set out to make my own smoothie packs. Here's how I did it.

Cut up bananas and strawberries. Freeze on wax paper lined cookie sheet (this helps them not turn into a solid mass of frozen fruit).
**The browner bananas are ones that I had previously frozen into the aforementioned glob and had to thaw out and refreeze.

Make some plain yogurt (or use plain/vanilla yogurt with live cultures) - mix with vanilla extract. Freeze in ice cube trays.

Place about one banana and 6-8 strawberries worth in a quart size plastic freezer bag. Add 6 ice cubes of yogurt.

When the time comes, mix with 8oz of milk or juice and enjoy your creation! Yum yum!

On second thought...you might want to try 2 cups of liquid because our smoothie turned out more like melting ice cream and I was more than a little concerned my blender wouldn't be able to handle it!

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  1. Clearly it was a hit! I have never made my own yogurt before, any recipes or sites with good recipes for that?