The Continuing Saga of Potty Training

Potty training. Phew!

Many already know that I started my son with EC when he was a few weeks old and have continued it to varying degrees since. When I found out I was pregnant again I had a strong resolve to get the older one out of diapers before the new one arrives.

Here we are, four weeks until D-day, and Ikaika is not exactly close to being "potty trained". What do we consider "potty trained" and how do we know when a kid is "done"? It seems the traditional definition is that a kid is able to communicate clearly when they need to go and hold it if no receptacle is available.

In this sense, my kid isn't even close! But if being potty trained means that we can get through a day without a wet or dirty diaper (or even that we can get through a day without wearing diapers but not have a wet/soiled floor), then I guess we are having some success here! Ikaika is going on his second day of no diaper and I've only had to clean up one accident!

The trick here is that I need to offer him the toilet ALL THE TIME! When we are out and about in town, I have to offer the potty at the library, then again at KTA, then again at the park, and so on. When we are at home, I have to remind him to go and take him to the potty every 30 minutes - more if he drinks liquids. He doesn't quite have the balance or dexterity to pull his pants up and down so it's really up to us (his parents) to get him there and make that potty available. He can take care of the rest!

I would be satisfied even if he weren't fully "potty trained" before the new baby gets here. I'm going to be washing diapers anyway, I just don't want to be washing them every day. I'm fairly sure that I will be continuing EC with the second baby. Maybe it will even be easier since I'm "in the mode" already! Gee, isn't that an exciting thought?!


  1. Oh the joys of potty training! Sam is diaper free during the day but we still use pull-ups at night. The most frustrating part is that she feels she has to get completely undressed every time she goes potty. I cannot tell you how ridiculous it is to get your child dressed that many times in one day!
    Starting to think about cloth diapers with the second...I know I should have been doing it all along...just laziness I guess. But now that I will only have one in diapers and she is past the really messy poop phase I think it is a must.

  2. Haha, that's awesome. Getting totally undressed...

    You should cloth diaper!!! Or maybe try G diapers since you are out of the crazy poop stage anyway :) Let me know if you need any advice - I suggest starting with prefold, snappis and like 3 wraps. Unless you have money to burn, then just get some fuzzi bunz and have at it!