Thoughts About My Due Date

Sorry folks, internet has been on the fritz lately. 

About a week ago I woke up extremely disappointed to still have a baby inside me.  I was feeling weird, thought it might be pre-labor, went to sleep a little sad because I wanted an "August baby".  Woke up bummed out and frustrated because I was still pregnant with no sign of action!

I like the due date they assigned me (August 11th) and I think August 9th would be cool (8/9/10), so I guess that pretty much rules out either of those days as the actual day of birth.  I would be horrified to go into labor on either the 1st or the 2nd since Mr A is supposed to go to Oahu and take the PRAXIS again that Monday.  Murphys law would say that increases the chances of me going into labor Sunday night by at least 80%.  Or I guess I could go into labor in the next two days and not get my August baby.  Anything that isn't me being a week late like I was with Ikaika would be fine with me.  I can't take this for another three weeks!

We all hit a point when we are just "over it".  I'm officially over it.  My mom has made arrangements to come out here mid August, the bassinet is all set up, the hospital bags are packed, and I have enough diapers for at least a couple days - I'm ready.  If I start getting super nesting-y maybe I'll freeze a lasagna or something, but I have no other pressing matters to take care of.

Let's get this baby out - quick and painful!

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  1. What?! Not quick and painful, quick and painless!! Well, I'm so excited for you!