PANIC! It's Almost August!

Mr A left today for Oahu, where he will be spending the weekend at UH taking tests and classes, etc.  His flight took off only a few hours after I had a doctors appointment and preregistered, you know, just in case I go into labor at any given second.  Now that I'm past 36 weeks, I can deliver the baby here unless there's some crazy emergency (if you go into labor too early, they air-lift you to Oahu via helicopter...no thank you!) 

Staring down the barrel of an incredibly crazy August (and a jam packed rest of the year), I couldn't help but think about how time just never slows down.  The baby, school, moving, visitors, life...  I wonder if it's the circumstances or just the anticipation of all the upcoming events that has me so anxious about the new school year. 

I got home today after dropping my Lovey off at the airport and I just thought...geez, it really sucks that if I don't do the dishes, no one will!  Then I told Ikaika that he could sleep in my bed if he wanted but he just went into his own room and snuggled with Bear instead.  Boohoo!  I wonder if I will be lonelier next year than I was when we first moved here?  I have friends now and support and something that resembles faith, but I worry sometimes about losing myself or my marriage in the midst of all this chaos. 

Next week is our last week of freedom.  Baby shower on Tuesday, free performing arts events at HPA all week, and the beach is constantly calling our names.  I'm going to try slowing down for the entire week and really enjoy my family - like cherish every precious moment kind of stuff.  Then, when August finally rolls around, I can start to panic!

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