To-Do List #44: Move All My Stuff Out Of My Parent's House - CHECK!

Hello fun crate of awesome-ness!
I finally checked off #44 from my To-Do List.  I got all my stuff out of my parent's house.  And it only took 13 years.

Granted, they took care of the decision making for me by choosing to move across the country.  But, its still exciting to know that all my stuff is now in ONE location.  No more nomadic wandering around the Earth, I have put down roots.  I have established a real, adult-like life for myself.  And I brought all my crap with me!

The only downside is that now I am even further away from #21: keep a minimal wardrobe/house.  We hung up the pictures in the living room tonight and I immediately thought 'ugh, there's too much stuff on the walls!'.  If I want to "decorate", I'll probably have to get over that.  

The other issue, which isn't necessarily a downside, is what to do with all the stuff that I want...but I don't really want.  Like my high school yearbooks.  Sure, I want them, I just don't want to store them.  Which is why they have been hiding in my parent's house for well over a decade.  What to do with these semi-treasured but totally annoying and bulky heirlooms?  Will I eventually part with them after now shipping everything across the Pacific?  Will I hold onto it to avoid dealing with how frustrating that question is to answer?  Only time - and storage space - will tell.  

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