To-Do List #87: Wear My Wedding Dress Again

#87 on my To-Do List - CHECK!  One would think that because I did this intentionally, fully planning to blog about it the next day, I would have taken a moment to snap a picture.  Not so.

But, even without photographic evidence, I did wear my wedding dress to an adult-only party last night (ie. a real date).  I dressed it down with flats, brushed hair and a navy blue cotton jacket.  I also tucked the ribbons in so it was strapless.

It still felt a bit formal.  I'm debating possibly taking the hem up a few inches to knee-length.  I also want to dye it some shade of blue but I'm afraid to do it myself and ruin the material.  RIT dye seems too simple, there must be a more sophisticated method for dying silk.

Either way, considering it is by far the most expensive piece of clothing I have ever bought, I'm super stoked about extending the mileage!

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