Mothers Day and To-Do List #24 - Getting There

Happy Mothers Day!  Nothing like waking up to my three boys bringing me freshly foraged flowers and blueberry pancakes.  Then I played a little piano, ran a little run, crocheted some yarn and will shortly be heading to the beach.  Purr-fection.

A little update on my To-Do List:

I made some headway on #24 (read Lord of the Rings trilogy) this past week when I came down with a terrible stomach bug.  I was can't-get-out-of-bed ill for an entire day, which gave me time to finally finish Fellowship of the Ring!  I liked Boramir even less in the books.

So excited to start on the next one.

As for other things on that list - I might have to wait on finishing a full marathon.  Just found out that my running buddy got stress fractures in her foot and I don't know if I can complete it without her encouragement (and I don't want to enable her to completely damage her God-given means of transportation).  Might just go for a half marathon this year. 13.1 miles is nothing to sniff my nose at!

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