Minimal Closet: Sweaters

 Inventory of Sweaters:

  1. Grey Abercrombie pullover fleece
  2. Black UH hoodie
  3. grey Knox hoodie
  4. Old Navy sleeveless, no closure cardigan (light weight)
  5. Colbalt blue V-neck pullover (medium weight)
  6. Saved by the Bell long sleeve, wide neck pullover
  7. GAP fair isle zip up hoodie (heavy weight)
  8.  leopard print DKNY cozy (light weight)
  9. brown cowl neck pull over (medium weight)
  10. Teal cardigan (medium weight)

10 sweaters total and only 3 would be considered "athletic apparel".  Victory!

The UH hoodie was actually a gift for my children that just happened to fit me so I've been wearing it - but it's going to get packed away with the boys stuff at some point.  The fleece is almost threadbare and I wouldn't wear it in public so I've been debating getting rid of it.  If I had to only keep one sweatshirt it would be Knox, hands down.

Sweaters get a little more complicated.  I know that I at least need 1 light, 1 medium and 1 heavy weight sweater.  I know for sure that I need a pullover and a cardigan.  I also know that I prefer natural fibers because they regulate heat and cold better.

The lightweight cardigan needs to go.  I was all excited when I found it at the thrift store, but its just not as functional as I imagined it in my head.  I've always wanted a light little knit bolero or shrug but I probably imagined it in a different color and/or with buttons.
The Saved by the Bell top is our sister gift from last Christmas.  I can't hang onto it forever, but I'll give it until this Christmas (when I will be choosing the matching sister gifts) before donating it.
Mr A thinks I should get rid of the blue sweater but I wear it a lot.  It would need to be replaced by a shirt weight long sleeve sweater - I'm thinking something nautical (boatneck and stripes).
For being such a weird color, the hooded sweater works.  I wear it a lot and its super warm.  I don't know if I would consider it as my "cardigan" choice (it can't be dressed-up), but its not leaving my wardrobe anytime soon.

I just got this DKNY cozy on Ebay (a somewhat impulsive purchase) and I'm still on the fence about it.  I love the concept and the fabric (cashmere and silk!) but the pattern/color is bizarre.  It might have worked better in boring ole black.  I guess you take what you can get for cheap on Ebay.  Maybe I'll try making something similar if I can track down plush enough fabric.

I'm not entirely satisfied with the brown pullover because its acrylic.  But I like the color and the fit so I guess it stays until something better comes along.  This teal cardigan is a little tight (stretchy) in the body.  I would have preferred a looser fit.

Currently I am working on knitting a sweater (which I just now realized doesn't fit into my scheme so it might end up as a gift) and I have seriously debated whether I should buy or knit a cardigan.  I love this pattern for the Shapely Boyfriend Sweater from Knitty and would like to make it with a striped yoke out of merino wool.  

I almost feel like I'm going to have to start over with sweaters...

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