A Few Craft Ideas

Since I'm on a verge of a nervous breakdown trying to figure out how I'm going to finish all the crap I have do in the next week, I thought it might be fun to share some of the things I would rather be doing right now.  Fun crafty things that are a happy waste of time.  So much better than boring necessary things that smack of adult responsibilities.

If you already follow me on pinterest - this is old news.

pattern from Rowan Yarns

My first *adult sized* sweater.  It's a terrifying commitment.  What if I get to the end and realize my gauge was off?  Or this looks better on the model than my body?  Or the wool doesn't drape right?  Or its too small/wide/the color is wrong/etc???  
Sweaters are both time consuming and expensive.  The thought of getting to the end and realizing that I can't wear it scares the bejeezus out of me.  It's the reason I've been knitting for 10+ years and have never made an adult sized sweater.  
But I'm about half way up the back piece so now I'm in it for the long haul.

sure it looks good - but he can't pull it past his knee!


Ikaika has been out of diapers for almost two years.  BUT he still wets the bed at night.  Lately he's become more aware of this so he will wake up and go to the bathroom, take his diaper off, and go back to bed.  Three hours later we are awakened (again) because he wet the bed.  Oi! 

At this point, I am much more motivated by the waste/guilt of throwing away disposables that I am with saving money.  I set out to make some training pants, trying to squeeze one more use out of the flatfolds before they're completely cashed.  Growl.  It "worked"...I guess.  The pattern isn't perfect and it's been a frustrating process.  My boys' fat thighs keep jamming me up.

The decision that has been weighing on my mind is:
do I use what I have on hand to make something that will work and just deal with it?
do I suck it up and invest money in some quality cloth training pants...like these?    Or these? (I'm liking how the fit is customized)
a combo of both (maybe 2-3 "good" ones and 4-5 "ghetto" ones)?


it will eventually be a headband...or something

I just finished this super cute Victorian Lace Shrug for my friend's daughter.  Even though I was warned that she has too many accessories, I couldn't help myself.  Now I just need to finish this bow, wrap it all up (got the most beautiful box from work), and send it out.  Love included at no extra charge.


Sewing Machine Pin Cushion from the ironically named blog I Can Find The Time
A Table Cloth Tent/Fort for the boys room, where we recently relocated a table that we don't want to get rid of but really didn't need anywhere else in the house.
A Wet Bag with am ingenious pocket for dry things!  My shower curtain bag finally gave out on me, so now is the perfect time to replace it with something more durable.  This is perfect for the beach. 

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  1. Wow, love all these things you're creating and all the things you plan to create!

    Yay, for knitted bow headband! Now, make me one in every color, hohohohoh. I know, so greedy!