Milestones! We have milestones!

In the past few days weve had a lot of "firsts". Was it truly the very first time these things happened? Thats hard to say. A lot of this development stuff is a process and the process begins with something small and builds slowly day by day. But the baby book wants me to give dates for "firsts" so I have to assign certain days to certain things. Usually Ill count it as a first if its executed in a manner that would lead me to believe he always could do it and just chose not to before that moment.

We have rolling over, which you can tell Im surprised I so easily caught on video. Yesterday was really the first day that rolling was performed with this kind of speed and frequency. Weve had variations of rolling since shortly after birth but nothing that demonstrated this kind of consistency.

(please ignore my rude snapping)

Ikaika is not a one trick pony. He also can stand with help. This began as "pushing off" (like when he is crouching in your lap he will straighten his legs and sort of bounce up) and has progressed to what I would consider bonefide standing with assistance. He will stand for a few seconds and then a knee will buckle and he will crash, but its still assisted standing. Mr A worries this will cause him to be bow legged so we havent encouraged standing as much.

He has discovered his toes. I was ECing him yesterday morning and he just popped his feet in his mouth. This was fine at the moment but when we were done and I put him back down, he was really upset that the feet were gone. So later, during Baby Einstien (I know, I know...but we had to put away groceries) we noticed that he was going after his feet with the renewed vigor of a boy who understands that toes are fun. This video isnt quite as thrilling as the last one, but the frustrated sigh at the end is really cute.

Finally, he has discovered his "junk". Last night, during a diaper change, my baby grabbed his lil alas. Mr A was delighted. I have never seen a man beam with such pride. He ran around the apartment chanting "I love having a son!" and insisted that I blog about this momentous event. It reminded me of something my midwife told me, "once they find 'em, its a lifelong, unbreakable bond". Gross. I dont get it. Must be a guy thing.

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  1. what, we don't get a video of Ikaika finding his junk?