Almost there, Little Buddy!

Last night we were playing with Ikaika on the floor (we really need to get a little area rug or something - we had him on this blanket but Mr A and I had to hold the opposite corners taut so Ikaika wouldnt just gather the whole thing under him) and he stuck his little okole up in the air! He pushed up on his knees and his butt went skyward. His face, however, went straight into the blanket.

We now have all the components of a crawl: rolling over, alternating movement from both the arms and the legs, ability to hold head up with arms, ability to support butt with knees, and the unquenchable thirst for more toys...

He just needs to figure out how to put 'em all together and Ikaika Arrayan will be crawling! I have a feeling its not too far off in our future.

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