Sophie the Giraffe

Introducing Ikaikas new BFF, Sophie the Giraffe.

My freshman year college roommate got this for me when she was spending the summer in France with her family (as a French person, not a tourist - thats an important distinction in these parts). Merci beaucoup, Melodie!

As it was explained to me, Sophie is the must-have of every French bebe. She went on the market way back in 1961 and continues to be a hit today. Shes made of 100% natural rubber from the sap of the rubber tree. Shes painted with edible paint and her 7in frame "is perfectly adapted for babies". Sophie squeaks. Shes also machine washable - but I dont have a machine so shes going to be hand washed in this house.

As a parent, I give Sophie two enthusiastic thumbs up. If Ikaika doesnt eat her alive or rip her rubber head off, Im definitely keeping her around and passing her along to any siblings, nieces, or nephews.

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  1. Melodie3.2.09

    You are most welcome.

    If Sophie survives being baby-handled by Ikaika, I think it'll be a world record.