Belated Thanksgiving Update

I should probably stop making lame excuses for the lack of regularity in my blog updates.  I'm working to cut extraneous activities out of my life, but writing/keeping my family in touch with what's going on in our lives isn't one of them!
Our Thanksgiving was fantastic. We went over to Kekoa's godfather's house and had a potluck feast with some of our closest friends on the island. The big joke this year is that all three families made some variation of sweet potatoes. Of course, there was football and cute crockery, like so:

it was full of stuffing, which made it even better in my eyes!

 The boys were playing all day and long into the night. After the football game was finished and the men all went outside to congregate in the garage, we snuggled up on the couch and watched Harry Potter. I feel into a deep but temporary food coma.
Check the current state of Ikaika's hair.  He still refuses to cut it and, to be honest, it looks really cool. But now its starting to get into his eyes and he's been wearing headbands lately to compensate.  Mr A is fine with that (better than barrettes) and his teachers have all started calling him Karate Kid.  I like that he seems to have not only inherited my thick, wavy locks - but also my fearless sense of personal style.

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