Christmas Pageant 2013 - Parker Ranch Tree Lighting


Alo Kehau performed at the Parker Ranch Tree Lighting ceremony, held at Richard Smart's house (PR historic homes). I'll liken this to a "Christmas pageant". Ikaika is a very sweet little guy and was clearly very embarrassed about singing in front of a roomful of strangers. He mentioned more than once that he was nervous about laughing in front of everyone. His enthusiasm as an entertainer waxed and waned throughout the show and even throughout the songs. I tried to catch moments where he was actually singing on video.

Interesting factoid about Richard Smart.  He used to give a present to every single child in Waimea.  Obviously, that isn't possible now, but a lot of the old-timers do remember this generosity from when they were children.  Pretty incredible guy.  Plus, his house has the most impressive 360 degree view in town!  Everywhere you turn, awesomeness.

Probably should have had him blow his nose when I took him to pee before the show.  In a way, I'm thankful that I caught this on film.  This video is most definitely coming out again at graduation!

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