White Road Forest Hike

On Sunday we took a little time to enjoy nature and hike the Kohala Forest Preserve (or whatever its called).  It was cool and dry - amazing conditions that made our walk so much more comfortable.  I always feel a bit of mystery and reverence walking through the Waimea watershed area.  I'm sad that the Waikoloa River no longer reaches the coast and freaked out by the degree to which invasive ginger has taken over the forest.  However, I can't help but fall in love with the fresh air, muddy path, and non-stop creativity that results from playing with broken sticks. 

This is the view that awaited us at the end of the trail, which pops out in the back of Waipio Valley:

the height actually made me a little queasy
waterfalls aren't falling - but are no less spectacular
And who are these good-looking fellas?  The hike took a good three hours round trip and the boys were troopers.  I regret that I didn't bring along a compass and realized too late that our first-aid kit needs to be restocked.  Lots of advil but absolutely nothing to clean a scrape!    

"shaka, boys!" - I get nose picking from one and whatever this is plus evil laugh from the other!
"wish I had a hang glider..."

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