I Am Forbidden to Publish This

Mr A asked me to NOT publish any of the poetry he writes for me (which he does compose on occasion).  Since I am going through some of my old papers today, I thought I would put a few of my most favorite lines here - you know, for posterity.  Its not the whole poem, so I donʻt think this is really cheating.

"My heart rate doubles with the anticipation
of being in our present combination...
...The Love that I feel,
is most certainly ideal.
with an intimate courage,
of an everlasting marriage."

Isnʻt that sweet?  I mean, seriously...wouldnʻt you have said "real" instead of "ideal", too?  His craftiness blows me away sometimes!  Sure, "intimate courage" sounds wonky, but if you let that one simmer for a minute, it starts to feel darn near profound.

I should make a point to mention here that I used to write my husband poetry often, especially when we were dating.  However, I made the mistake of completely blowing his socks off with the very first one.  I set the bar too high and I have no idea what it is that he likes so much about that particular poem.  Nothing since has been met with a comparable level of enthusiasm and it kind of kills my creative drive.  I do, however, write him letters, which he enjoys.  Far less artsy-fartsy than poetry, but still a nice surprise.    

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