Donʻt Compare Yourself to These Photos - EVER

I came across an article today about how Sharon Stone (55) opted not to undergo plastic surgery.  She touts the virtues of aging gracefully and the certain sex appeal only nature can provide.  Umm...except then I realize the photo caption was supposed to be her.  I did a triple take because the "girl" on the cover looks about 15 years old...but it is in some way an image that began as Sharon Stone.  The photo and article in New You magazine is beyond ironic - its painful.

It sickens me to know that we compare ourselves to pictures that are so clearly doctored and tampered with, assuming quite naturally that they are a completely benign 'little slice of life'.  And we look to these unattainable images for inspiration or even aspiration! 

Thumbs up for the message Sharon is sending about aging with dignity.  But thumbs down to the caption being placed under an image of a 55 year old woman with not a gray hair in sight, not one wrinkle on her face and teeth so white and straight they [insert joke about my sheltered upbringing here].  This is NOT what a 55 year old woman looks like.  Ever.

I love this Pinterest board because she does a great job of pointing out, from a technical perspective, why these images are so ridiculous and draws attention to just how damaging they can be.  Let's make sure to keep a realistic perspective on what we look at in the media and take these celebrity proclamations with a grain of salt.       

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