The Flu

Here's a new Hawaiian word: palu.
puke.  barf.  vomit.  bleh.  palu.

I've been told that when its my own children, it won't bother me.  Vicious lies.  Ikaika woke up the other night having gotten sick (and totally freaked out since he's never done that before) and I almost threw up right on top of him.
Last night we all stayed home, illin'.  Sicker than sick.  The smell of the house this morning was truly indescribable.  Taking care of a sick child is virtuous and rewarding, in its own strange way.  Even being sick with children around is fine as long as the TV isn't broken.  BUT...taking care of a sick child while sick yourself is nothing short of cruel and unusual punishment.

I am hoping that we have seen the worst of it.

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  1. Oh, honey! I hope you all feel better soon!