Cold and Flu Prevention DIY

Cold and flu season is upon us!  Lots of nasty bugs going around the island lately.  Today I spent some time updating our medicine cabinet with DIY medicine.  Here is what we do in lieu of flu shots...

  • ʻOlena tonic by Kai Malino Wellness Center in Kohala:  we take a teaspoon daily when sickness is in the air.  (Uncle Kai can be found at the farmers markets around here, too.)
  • Shaklee vitamins: the doses double during high flu season.  We take a smorgasbord of vitamins, but the most important are a great multi and some vitamin C.
  • Ginger Honey Tea: this is a great remedy for a sore throat, dry cough, or to boost immunity.  Someday I will make an herbal infused cough syrup (because it really is that easy), but for now, this goes into my tea cup at night.  Unfortunately, I can't find the link to the tute but its pretty simple - grate up some ginger root, add honey, then mix.  Store in the fridge.  1 tsp per cup or to taste.
  • Chest Rub: 4 ingredients - beeswax, olive oil, tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil.  

Next on my list?  A balm that will soothe bug bites.  My kids are magnets for biting insects!  

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