Knitting and Harry Potter

We survived!  

Hopefully, that is as gruesome as it gets for a long time.

While under siege of illness, I did two things (aside from combing Pinterest and sleeping)
  1. Knit
  2. Read Harry Potter
I finished Koa's sweater (if you recall my resolution to knit everyone a sweater this year) and love it.  In fact, I'm a little afraid he's going to ruin it ;)
I haven't read the Harry Potter series and only saw a few snippets of the movies on TV.  Well, I'm hooked.  Ikaika and I are on chapter 3 of The Prisoner of Azkaban.

Though the franchise didn't grab my immediate attention and the movies are a bit too dark for my young children, I hope...I pray that my boys will take a liking to HP.  Why?  

Because of all the amazing things that could be knitted as a result!  Superheros and Transformers, although there are some options, don't offer the plethora of a handmade yarn gift ideas like Potter.  If only my children could take a wild shining to wizardry so I can spend my nights whipping up "house scarves" and "Weasley sweaters"  

THIS SITE is great with free Potter patterns
and THIS BOOK is available at our local library
I'm particularly fond of THIS HAT, though I've never seen the movie so the fact that Hermoine wears it is of little consequence to anyone in this house.  Not to mention there is a big debate at the end about the authenticity in the shape of the crown!  holy smokes people...its a hat.

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