Crochet Football Beanie

I know this hat will make my sister gag (she's not a fan of "girlie" sports stuff), but it was a special request from a coworker.  My morning was spent finishing up that little clutter-cleaning project from yesterday, then I felt inspired to plow through some yarn.

I originally intended to put a flower on the hat (even worse, Beth, I know!), but I ran out of yarn so settled for a bow instead.  Isn't this little triple crochet bow cute?  Seriously, its so easy to make, its stupid.

If I had to do this again I would make the white lines only one row of double crochet (or 1 row DC, 1 row SC).  I think they are too thick.  I'm also unsure about the placement of the bow.  It didn't look right down near the brim (the way a flower would) so I stuck it on the top, but without seeing it on an actual head I have no way to gauge the soundness my judgement.

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