Happy 2nd Birthday Kekoa Boy!

This is how we celebrated Koa's second birthday.  It probably would have made more sense if we used 2 pints of Ben & Jerry's, huh?  Oh well.  He sampled each flavor then Mr A and I split the rest.  Nom nom.

Sure, its simple and reflects a complete lack of effort on my part.  But, I would rather save my energy for the birthdays he will remember.  Ikaika is already planning his birthday (wants to go to the zoo) so I will indulge those wishes.  But this guy...he was clearly okay at home, celebrating with ice cream and a decorative candle.

So many friends and family, near and far, who thought of him and (unlike his mother) got him gifts.  Many heartfelt thanks.  Its been duly noted in the babybook.

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  1. Sweeeeeeet!! Happy Birthday, sweet boy!!