Ikaika's First Day of School

"bye, mom!"
Yesterday was Koa's 2nd birthday and Ikaika's FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

Pardon me if it seems I'm playing favorites, but I was much more consumed with the later event.  The birthday hardly blipped on my radar.  Frankly, he's 2.  He doesn't know or care and I we don't eat cake anyway (although tonight I agreed to sing and eat ice cream, per request of his father).

Ikaika did awesome.  He even offered a consolatory hug to his brother, who was broken at the thought of leaving his compadre.  This morning we had a few fat tears and "...but you're leaving me!"-s, but overall he seems to be enjoying the experience and his teachers have nothing but positive to report.

Incidentally (since I'm in full bragging mode now) I also got hold of Kaikas pre-reading vocabulary test results and he scored in the 99%.  That's my boy!


  1. Ahh that's so exciting! Yay, Ikaika! Fun!

  2. Oh my gosh! He's like a real kid now! I can't believe how time flies like this!! I remember him as a little baby! Why is it that I remember things as if they were yesterday, but they were actually so long ago?!