Thrift Store SCORE

 The other day, Mr A came home with a sweet surprise.  Board shorts (for me) from a local consignment store.  He even got green tag ones, which were 30% off that day.  What a doll.

Too bad...
a) the fit was awful ("my ass ate them alive" doesn't even do it justice)
b) the velcro was worn and the placement of the ties was truly strange/completely impractical
c) that consignment store is notoriously overpriced - I never go there
d) they were over $4 after taxes, which is more than I like to pay unless its an upscale brand in good condition, which is wasn't
e) they have a no return or exchange policy
f) I already have board shorts
g) there's a reason I don't buy pants or shorts if I can't try them on...

So, it was a sad waste and Mr A was understandably bummed out.  Despite the epic fail, I was pleased to see him gifting with frugality.  He *gets* me.  Aww.

Move over, Dear.  Let the master show you how it's done.  

Here's today's score from Mamas House Thrift Store:

  • Old Navy flannel pajama pants with glittery ties
  • blue cotton pants - planning to use the fabric in my sister's quilt

aren't these patterns cute?  love the blue.

  • Awa Tshirt - awa is Hawaiian for kava/native booze root
  • Small Tshirt from Punanaleo O Waimea - aka Ikaika's preschool
  •  Medium long sleeve - good PJ top to match the pants.  The white part is all stretched out and needs to be removed.
  •  Tshirt for my little sister for when she travels outside the US to all those conservative countries in the Middle East

  • 100% Lambswool GAP sweater.  Going to make another pair of pants for Koa.  I'm thinking about saving the body pieces and trying to collect enough to make a wool quilt like THIS
  •  wool hat - for felting/crafting

  •  ROXY Medium wrap skirt.  Got this for the fabric but then I tried it on and love it.  Can also be worn as a dress. 
  • sarong - gift

  • Shorts, Aeropostale.  In some kind of poetic justice, these fit even WORSE than the ones Mr A got me.  Gross.  They will be returning with my next donation!
  • Old Navy pointelle sweater.  So soft, so light, so feminine.  I am very in love with this...but I have no idea how (what, where) to wear it. 

  •  Tshirts for Ikaika

  •  PJs for Koa - he has the exact same ones in a different color.  The size tag is missing so I hope they fit.  
  • Gymboree cotton sweater, 18-24M.  Hoping to squeeze it on Koa a few times before passing it along.
  • Japanese towel thing from the town temple - wearing this to the next Bon Odori festival.

  •  Bunny Newborn onesie
  • Classic Winnie the Pooh burp cloth

  • ROXY baby dress.  Brand new.  The chest pocket is a little heart...I melt.

American Apparel onesie, 6-12M.  This was really my favorite find of the day.  Its in perfect condition.  My boys are all old and huge (grumble, grumble).  But, I'm going to tuck this away for [someone else's] future babies.


There were other things, too.  A Snuggie, a Fisher-Price Soothe and Glow Seahorse, two white pillow cases, and a few other baby items (all gifts) that I don't need to show off here because I think you already get the point.

Grand Total: $2.13


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  1. What?! How did you get all that for $2.13???