Minimalist Fashion

In the last few weeks my mind has been totally preoccupied with creating a minimalist wardrobe.  At work, at playgroup, in those moments before sleep, I lose myself meditating on these kinds of questions:
  • What would the perfect balance of clothes look like for me?  
  • What types of clothes in what combinations would be the most functional?
  • How can the clothes I have now be even more functional?  
  • What needs in leave in order for that to happen?
  • What needs to stay?
  • What needs to be slightly different?
Sure, this all sounds kind of silly, but its also fun.  I'm thinking about doing some kind of minimalist fashion project.  Project 333 sounds most realistic and could probably be a good exercise in determining which pieces truly should stay or go.
I'm also completely fascinated with multi-functional, versatile clothing.  I got a Le Sac dress last month and love it.  I was wanting to get/make a circle scarf, too...until I found the Versalette.  The $20,000 question is "does it actually look good?"  

***well, that seems easy.  Why don't you just make something similar?  Because I would just never believe that I am doing it right.  And I appreciate seamless/overlocked hems on jersey knits.***  


  1. A minimalist fashion project sounds like a lot of fun! I have also been thinking about this exact thing. I have stopped buying trendy items and instead look for classics. Something that I can wear for a long time, in many different outfits, and still look contemporary. The same with shoes. I have to see what this Le Sac dress and versalette look like on YOU though, cuz it's not really that cute on the models. Have you seen this dress? http://www.shopbutterbynadia.com/product/2-19-0/Signature-Jersey.html

    They sell a knock off version of it in Fremont for like $80.

  2. I don't know what the Versalette looks like on me (they are still in production and I haven't been able to convince myself that its worth the money yet).
    I've seen infinity dresses before - American Apparel sells something similar. But that is something that I would probably be willing to try to make myself first because visible seams wouldn't be as big of an issue. There are lot of DIY tutes on pinterest.