Down With Plastic Cups!

How can I describe the perfect travel cup?

I don't want anything that leaches potential hazards into my beverage.  Something my kids (or husband...or self) can't easily break/destroy.  Recyclable is a bonus.  Doesn't encourage mold and/or bacteria.  Keeps hot, hot and cold, cold.  Interchangeable parts so if a lid breaks I don't have to replace the whole shebang.  Spill proof.  Easy to clean.  Lightweight  Stylish.  Devoid of obvious logos.

Am I being too picky now?

I've come to discover that stainless steel meets the most of these requirements.  I've heard that stuff tastes better out of ceramic, but my second (much-loved) ceramic travel mug just fell pray to my husband's dish washing method, so I'm now willing to overlook slight discrepancies in flavor if it means more durability.

I'm already a fan of our Klean Kanteens.  We have four, one for each person, and have had to replace a lid with no love lost for the bottle itself.  I'm making the investment in the insulated mug and doing away with all my other plastic tumblers.

You can drink smoothies out of these...but sometimes I just want a straw.  I don't want smoothie all over my face or the frustration of trying to suck it out of that little cafe lid.

Thank you, Starbucks.  A stainless steel cold tumbler with a stainless steel straw.  Do your worst, children, you won't be able to chew through this one or crack it in half during a wrestling match.  My collection of reusable drinkware is now complete.

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  1. Stainless steel rules! I am also in the process of replacing plastic with steel. Love your blog which I just found while searching for information on the Jaboticaba tree. You mentioned in your comments left on another site of having this tree in your yard. I would love to get my hand on some seeds. Any chance you could send some to me--I don't mind paying postage since I live in Canada. I can be reached at denizetan@yahoo.com.