Professional Sports: A Waste of Time?

I read an article online today that I knew would send a majority of my immediate family into a fit of rage...so here's the link
Professional Sports: A Waste of Time, Money and Energy

Seriously, I've never understood pro sports.  I've always questioned why so many resources (ie. fat paychecks) go to people who do so little practical good for society.  I watch them.  In fact, we watch quite a bit of NFL in this house and I have spent more Sundays than I care to admit zoning out to some golf tournament (is it just me, or is the Masters on every weekend?!)  I've dreamed of my children finding success in the you-name-it athletic acronym.

But, why?  I'm not asking about why I watch - frankly, I like watching high school sports just as much - but why do I equate pro sports with success?  Maybe because these are the cream of the crop...or are they just the ones who stuck with it?  Maybe because they are rich...although they have higher lifestyle expectations and will probably not manage their money very well.  Maybe because they are famous...although fame nowadays isn't exactly enviable.

Anyhow, I thought this article was amusing and I like how he admits at the end that, like me, he still enjoys Monday Night Football.  

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