DIY Wool Pajama Pants

I got this 100% lambswool sweater for $1 at a moving sale.  I reluctantly admit that I was attracted to the tag (JCREW!) and the material...but not the color or the fit.  This picture might be the only time I ever wore it.

But no worries!  Impulse buys can find new life once they pass through a pair of scissors and a sewing machine.  Using this tutorial from Prudent Baby, I was able to make a pair of wool jams.

It's so easy I felt like I was doing it wrong.  Until the moment I actually put them on him and they were awesome, as promised.

using the original cuff means no hemming!

I even made things hard for myself and added a butt-patch.  I probably didn't need to, but was skeptical about a higher rise taking care of a load as wide as our cloth overnight diapers.

Now I have two big squares of cable knit wool (the body of the sweater) to do with as I please.
Throw pillow?  Quilt patch?  Felt purse?  Coffee sleeve?  I'm open to suggestions!

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