Wet Bag with Dry Pocket

Love wet bags.  The last one I made (from a shower curtain) died out on me and started leaking.  Tonight I busted out some PUL and made a more durable version.  I included a pocket on the front for dry items (clean diapers, change of clothes, etc).  Can't take credit for that idea - saw it on someone else's bag.

Forgive the awful paintbrush technique.  My ironing board is horrendously filthy and I don't want you judging me for still using it.

The same delirious, after-11pm brain that compelled me to take photographs on a dirty board was also at work when I put on the zippers.  Like how they open in two different directions?  Real cute.

I was going to write a tutorial, but it occurred to me that the only thing I would say is - follow this technique (because it's better than the crazy method I used) and slap a pocket on the front.  Don't forget to add pleats so your dry pocket is nice and roomy :)

Oh, and make sure you actually pay attention to what you are doing so you don't spend half the time ripping it out and doing it over the correct way...like I did.

I'm completely mystified about how to sew PUL without it bunching.  Mine always bunches.  Is it the needle?  I'm using my vinyl presser foot but its still a bunchy mess.  I kind of want to "gift" this to someone and make one for myself that isn't so...pink.

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