Wet Bag Made From Shower Curtain (with tutorial link)

Considering we live 10 minutes from year-round beach and we cloth diaper, I can not believe that it has taken me 2 years to make this! Since we replaced our shower curtain this weekend, I used the old one to whip up a wet bag with the help of Dilley Dally's excellent tutorial.

BTW: a "wet bag" is a zippered or drawstring waterproof bag that you put things like bathing suits and used diapers in so your car/diaper bag/whatever doesn't get soaked, too.

Her zipper turned out a million times neater than mine - I encountered some major puckering issues. I also think that using a vinyl shower curtain instead of PUL might have contributed to my problems. But, we make do with what we have around here.

How about this fabric?! Anything with surfing ninjas and lethal musubi is top shelf in my book!


  1. Sweet! I need to get me a sewing machine so I can make myself some wetbags. So much cooler than buying them. :-)

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