Brambles Hat for Mo's B-day

In that last few weeks I've been teaching a co-worker to knit, which has revived my fiber art addiction.  Say it with me now: I NEED YARN THERAPY!

you can't see the hat and I have no make up on...why I am posting this?

I told my little sister that I would make this for her last spring (I've also got her Tshirt quilt sitting in pieces under my bed) - better late than never.  Love the results.

I used the Brambles pattern from Knitty.  The cables seem daunting (and half-way through, I was complaining about it) but it works up fast.  I found using stitch markers made the general pattern easier to memorize.  It's made in Lambs Pride worsted, a wool/mohair mix - warm enough to easily stand up to any winter weather the midwest has to offer.

I would have liked the ribbing to be more snug, but since my sister has uber-curly hair, I'm suspecting she will appreciate the looser tension.

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  1. Hi Keiki!

    I'm the editor of www.AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns.com and I happened to see this afghan which I believe you crocheted:

    I just love it! I know my readers would love it to - would you be interested in featuring this afghan on your blog and letting us link to your pattern? Let me know and shoot me an email at ntrumbull AT primecp DOT com

    I look forward to hearing from you!