5 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Reading Fear and Trembling, relishing in the fact that I am afforded the luxury of truly enjoying my job.
  2. Going to MOPS this morning and learning way too much about the prevalence of HPV.  It was enlightening...in a very disturbing/paranoia kind of way (Guardasil has been approved for teenage boys - so I guess my kids will be "one less")
  3. Making dinner in the crock pot - chop, chop, toss, toss, wait and done.
  4. Writing letters to relatives I miss very much but don't call nearly often enough.
  5. getting a bag of hand-me-downs from a friend and finding both pajamas (very much needed) and an uber-cute "Boys Day" t-shirt! 

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  1. How amazing is Amelie Nothomb? I love love love her books.