Valentines Day Junk

Disclaimer: this post is going to make me sound bratty and ungrateful.

Since the very beginning of our relationship, my husband and I have clashed over Valentines Day.  Long story short, he thinks its fun (meaningful?) to celebrate, I don't.  I could go on and on about my problem with Vday, but I'm sure you've heard it all before.  I'll try to refrain from beating the dead horse senseless.

A few days ago we agreed to go out to dinner sometime during this week (whenever it worked out with the babysitter) and I admit that I bought a greeting card (on coupon) and composed a poem for the inside.  Mr A has always had a soft spot for writing about him - bonus points for any mention of "oneness". 

This past weekend he went to the store on errands and came back with a book of Valentines stickers for the boys and some strange hanging-heart-thing for me.  He had already written on the back in Sharpie so I couldn't exactly argue for its immediate return.  I assure you, the heart plaque won't be in our house very long unless I can figure out something else for it to become (ie. it's ugly).  But, Ikaika was so pumped up about the stickers, I didn't want to be a grump and spoil the good times.

Yesterday (legit Vday), as I was driving the boys home from preschool, I noticed someone selling Valentines junk on the side of the road.  "What idiot buys that crap?" I thought to myself. 

As it turns out, my husband does.  Mr A came home from work with a balloon and a rose - wrapped in plastic with a weird Styrofoam, glitter covered heart and baby's breath or whatever.  I reluctantly accepted it, but couldn't help feeling more than just a little annoyed.  Does this man know me at all?  Do I seem like the kind of woman who needs/wants this crap?  What am I going to do with this in 36 hours besides throw it away?  I hesitated thanking him because I didn't want to encourage him to ever do it again.

Later that night, as we sat at the kitchen table working on homework and taxes (how romantic), I gently explained that small gestures mean 1000 times more than any hyped up junk from the store.  And edibles are always preferred to disposables.  ;)

I appreciate that Mr A always remembers special days like Valentines Day, birthdays and our anniversary.  And I love that it's important to him to show how much he cares about me.  I guess I would take any display of devotion over nothing at all...
...what was I complaining about?

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