Potty Time for Kekoa

Today I had a mom-pants reality check as my son pooped and the first thing I thought to do was update my  Facebook status about it.

Kekoa is now walking for real (to the point that I have to remember shoes if we go anywhere - barefoot is a very hard state-of-mind to change) and with that is coming some other developments.  There is more talking (mom and dad are very definitive words now) and this afternoon I got a very clear signal for using the toilet, which was confirmed by a huge doo-doo/shi-shi combo.

Hey, mom, I need a haircut, too.

Perhaps the reason I get so excited about it and want to talk about it with the world wide web is that I cloth diaper.  Every success on the potty is one less diaper I have to rinse out and wash.  It's one step closer to being free from loads of diaper laundry.  Or maybe I'm just excited because I've spent considerably less time on EC with Koa than I ever did with his brother but he still seems to be picking up on it...or I'm getting better at my part...or a little of both.
We have put very minimal effort into Koa and the potty.  I put him on there about once or twice a day - even if nothing happens at least he's used to it and knows that is what a potty is for.  Occasionally, I let him go diaper free in the yard or on the beach.  I change his diaper often so he's not used to sitting around wet/dirty (although it's hardly a choice with cloth).  I like this pace and it seems to be "working" (more or less).

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