The Kids Are Alright

It's been super busy lately with 2 preschool/playgroups, MOPS, grad school for Mr A, coaching football, new job, etc.  I've fallen behind on my blogging, but I am here now!

There are certain things I wish I had blogged/documented.  Ikaika breastfeeding his stuffed bears stands out in my mind.  So here are some videos that document what is going on in our lives at this moment.

In this first video you can see Koa full-on walking.  Just in the last week he has switched to walking as his primary mode of transportation.  I love the hands up/"don't arrest me" pose that little babies use for balance!  This also highlights Ikaika's newest obsession: Transformers.  We watched both the movies with him (no nightmares...I was amazed) and my mom sent him some action figures and a coloring book.  Now everything is an Autobot, including his tow truck (which transformers into a standing tow truck).
The comment at the end is from his nap today.  He took a very long nap and subsequently wet the bed.  When asked why he wet the bed he said "it's not my fault, mommy."  Who's fault is it?  "It's Jay Cutler's fault."  Yep, Jay Cutler, as in Chicago Bears (via Broncos).  WTF?!  My kids are nuts.

We (I) started trying to work with Ikaika on reading.  We've been watching the Your Baby Can Read videos (when I remember and whatever is available at the library), but in lieu of that, I made some flashcards and have just been showing him those everyday.  He likes doing it and so far seems to be at least getting something out of it.  Who knows if he will actually learn to read this way, but as long as he likes doing it, I think we'll (I'll) continue to offer it.

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